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Smartwerks Point of Sale POS Software Joins Hospital Gift Shop Leader.

Smartwerks Point of Sale Pos Software

Smartwerks Point of Sale POS Software Joins Hospital Gift Shop Leader Paquin Healthcare Companies.

We at Smartwerks are pleased to announce that we have joined Paquin Healthcare, one of the nation’s foremost Hospital Gift Shop authorities in the retail healthcare field, to provide a comprehensive technology and merchandising program for hospital gift shops.

As the nation’s leading retail healthcare consulting firm and ecommerce developer, Paquin Healthcare has served over 200 major clients. Paquin’s suite of turnkey solutions offers hospitals, healthcare systems, physicians and payors the ability to expand their sources of income while engaging the modern consumer like never before.

By implementing progressive technology solutions and retail business consulting, Paquin’s clients open the door to the modern consumer in ways many providers lack. Paquin’s ecommerce platform, loyalty program, secure messaging services and retail business consulting create a personal connection to patients from their daily health and wellness needs through specialized medical requirements.

Smartwerks is a fully integrated and easy to use point of sale software. It can easily Manage Sales, Inventory and Customers! and Complete with an Integrated Accounting system. It is designed to meet the needs of the small to mid-sized business.

Paquin Healthcare

Paquin Healthcare Companies

Paquin Healthcare Companies

By integrating Paquin Healthcare’s Supply Chain Management service with Smartwerks’ POS software, hospital gift shop clients can manage inventory, view available products and pricing, along with tracking customer purchases and shopping habits.

Through the Smartwerks Point of Sale system, sales can be entered and customer, inventory and invoice number searches can be initiated at any time. Stock level inquiries confirm quantities on hand, damaged, on display, available for sale, committed to customers for later delivery and on order from the vendor for all inventory locations. Full barcode capability reduces errors and data entry time.

A single point of purchasing is a major advantage in today’s market.  The Paquin Healthcare/Smartwerks POS option provides its clients with a new, state of the art, web-based Point of Sale program as an integral part of the Supply Chain Management solution.

If you are interested in learning more about how Smartwerks POS software can help you, contact us at or by phone at 888-882-1530 x107.  Ask about our free system. You can also contact Paquin Healthcare for more information.

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