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Jewelry Store POS, Service and Repairs

Jewelry Store POS, Service and Repairs

No one likes giving up their grandfather’s watch, their engagement ring, or the family brooch that has been passed down for three generations, but sometimes jewelry needs repairs.  Smartwerks can help make that easier with our full featured Jewelry Store POS, Service and Repairs.

You can give your customers confidence by putting Special Instructions for your jewelers that will print on their receipt. You can also give your jewelers the more detailed notes they need in the In-house Notes section with our Jewelry Store POS, Service and Repairs

Jewelry Store POS, Service and Repairs transactions stay open until the job is complete, so you can always go back in and add notes, labor charges, or last minute customer requests.

Capturing images of the item you are repairing is a snap! Smartwerks can integrate with a webcam to take crisp, clear pictures of your repairs and custom work before, during, and after the job is complete. Notes can be attached to those pictures to point out the fine details of your work. You can print out your images and notes for reference, and to show your work to the customer when they return to pick up their piece.

Work Order Images

Work Order Images

Keeping track of your Jewelry Store POS, Service and Repairs has never been easier. Using Smartwerks’ Ticket Search, you can quickly and easily see all of your open Work Orders, and they can be organized by invoice number, invoice date, or customer name, so you’ll never have to spend extra time searching for the status of a repair while your customer waits. A double-click on the invoice number will instantly bring you into a Work Order where you can find all the details you need.

Jewelry Store POS, Service and Repairs

Jewelry Store POS, Service and Repairs

We’ve built our Work Order to be simple, yet powerful. Your ability to quickly and accurately process repair orders will set you apart from the competition, and keep your customers coming back with Smartwerks Jewelry Store POS, Service and Repairs.

If you are interested in learning more about how Smartwerks POS software can help you, contact us at or by phone at 888-882-1530 x107.

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Jewelry Store Inventory Control

Running a good jewelry store can be difficult. It doesn’t need to be with a good Jewelry Store Inventory Control and POS system.

The high-margin, low volume nature of the business requires reliable POS point of sale software for Jewelry Store Inventory Control to safeguard your largest investment.

Smartwerks’ Jewelry Store Inventory Control system makes it possible to make smart buying and selling decisions with features like item and serial number tracking, barcode technology, purchase history reports, and other useful tools that create an enjoyable jewelry management software experience. You and your employees will appreciate the simple, yet comprehensive, inventory software not only for its ease of use, but also for its time-saving inventory tools.

Your customers will also appreciate your ability to track, purchase, and offer alternative and equally stunning pieces at the sales counter. Our powerful Jewelry Store Inventory Control Maintenance screen allows you to monitor an item’s current onhand quantities at all of your stores, view and set minimum and maximum stock levels, and analyze the complete transaction history for the merchandise. With this feature you can also set up the initial cost, and by choosing one of five available options, determine the pricing information for the item. Smartwerks’ Jewelry Store Inventory Control software is the perfect solution for small jewelry store businesses and the perfect tool for a savvy business owner like you to use and to manage your precious inventory.

Jewelry Store Inventory Control

Jewelry Store Inventory Control

Another vital part of the success of your jewelry store is the relationships with your valued customers. Why spend all of your time meticulously tracking inventory when you could be having face to face time with an established client who is purchasing a bracelet for her daughter, or a new customer who is buying his girlfriend’s engagement ring at your store? If things go well, chances are good that both of these customers will be back to buy something else at a later date… but only if their first experience is a good one.

With Smartwerks’ simple Jewelry Store Inventory Control software, you can be free to take care of other important tasks in your successful jewelry business. Less time spent calculating prices, placing complicated orders, and searching for product at your other branches means more time spent with your valued and important customers.

Everyone who runs a jewelry store knows that it is critical to have the ‘right’ inventory and also the right amount of that ‘right’ inventory.

The “Smartwerks What to Buy Report” makes it clear what the right inventory is and how much of it you will need. By looking at the sales history of your store and a few other factors, Smartwerks will suggest the specific items that should be put on your next purchase order. Does it get any simpler than that?

When there’s less hassle behind the scenes and better customer service at the counter, your customers will want to come back again and again. Smartwerks can provide your jewelry business with easy to use, time-saving POS software that will make your Jewelry Store Inventory Control easy and efficient. With real-time inventory tracking and comprehensive reporting tools, Smartwerks POS software enables you to spend your most valuable time with what, or who, matters most in your business while ensuring your inventory is giving you the return you’ve worked so hard for and invested so heavily in.

If you are interested in learning more about how Smartwerks POS software can help you, contact us at or by phone at 888-882-1530 x107.

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Let’s do a Jewlery Store POS Point of Sale transaction together

jewelry Store POS Point of Sale

jewelry Store POS Point of Sale

Creating a Take With Sales Order.

Here’s the scenario: A customer comes into your Jewelry Store to purchase some items that he will be taking with him today.

So let’s do a Jewelry Store Point of Sale transaction together.

On the main menu under sales, click sales orders. If you know the customer number, enter it in the Customer ID field. If you’re not sure of the number, click the search button to look it up or to create a new customer.

The Customer Search box contains a number of search options. Enter information about the customer in at least one field and click Search. If you need to create a new customer, you can do so on this screen. Simply enter the customer’s details and click Create New.

Customers matching your criteria now appear. Double-click the customer or click the Select button and the information is automatically added to the ticket.

If the customer has an AR account with your company, the account information now appears. Click OK.

In the Transaction Type field on the right side of the screen, select Take With”, since the customer will be taking the merchandise with them. The other option here is Delivery, which is used when merchandise is being delivered to the customer. Delivery Orders are discussed in a separate tutorial.

Before we begin adding merchandise to the ticket, let’s briefly talk about the Check Stock feature. At any time, you can view up to date stock quantities for an item by clicking the Check Stock button at the top of the screen.

To Check Stock, first enter item information in one of the fields and click Search.

When the item appears, double click on it or click the Check Stock button to view the current stock levels of this item at all branches.

Close the Stock Levels and Inventory Search windows to return to Sales Order Entry.

Now it’s time to add merchandise to the order. To begin, click inside the item number field and scan the barcode. If you are not using a barcode scanner, type the item number in the field. If you don’t know the item number, you can search for it by clicking the Search button.

A message box appears on the screen. This is known as a Sticky Note. These text boxes can be attached to a customer record or an inventory item and are useful for a number of purposes. When a customer or item with a sticky note is used in Sales Order entry, the note automatically scrolls down the screen.

The description, brand, quantity available, pricing information and image for the item now appear. Verify that the quantity being purchased is correct and enter a serial number if required. Click Ok to add the item to the transaction.

Note that to decrease entry time, most barcode scanners can be programmed to put the merchandise information directly into the Item Table after being scanned. In that case, you would not need to click OK button. The item appears in the Item Table.

Now let’s add one more item to the ticket, using the steps just described.

Both items now appear in the Item table. You can modify either one by double-clicking on it.

In this example, we are going to add a 10% discount to the item.

Once all changes are made, click Update.

The new price is reflected in the Item table. The discount amount is visible here and will also print on the Sales Invoice.

When all items have been added to the ticket, click Checkout to enter the Payment information.

Select the Payment Type at the bottom of the screen.

Meran Magsoodi,  Author

Meran Magsoodi, Author

Enter the required information for the payment type, including the amount being paid and click Apply.

The payment appears on the right side of the window. When all payments have been entered, you can preview the invoice by clicking Preview.

When you are ready to finish the sale, click OK print the invoice.

At this point you have successfully created a Take With Sales Order.

If you are interested in learning more about how Smartwerks POS Point of Sale and Inventory Control software can help you in your Jewelry Business, contact us at or by phone at 888-882-1530 x107.  Ask about our free trial offer.

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Managing a Jewelry Store with POS Point of Sale Software

Managing a Jewelry Store with POS Point of Sale Software.Owning and running a Jewelry Store can be rewarding when you have the right Retail Management System with Jewelry Store POS Point of Sale Software.

Jewelry Store Point of Sale

Jewelry Store Point of Sale

While selling Jewelry is more complicated than many other retail goods, there are ways and tools available to make it simpler and less cumbersome so you as the owner or manager can concentrate on how to run it as tight and as profitable. Easy…. Managing a Jewelry Store with POS Point of Sale Software.

Speed at the cash register is important yet attention has to be paid to the customer information for direct mail or e-mail campaigns for their future purchases from you.  A good Jewelry store POS Point of Sale system collects customer’s data and purchases so you have good reports  about your marketplace’s trends and purchasing habits.

Managing a Jewelry Store with POS Point of Sale Software.

Inventory control is an essential part of Jewelry Store operation.  Without good information you would not have enough the right amount of products that sell in your zip code or town/county and instead have a store full of slow moving merchandise that is supposed to be selling great according to the reps.

It is very important to eliminate and avoid dead inventory.  Identification of the items that have not sold for an extended amount of time and getting rid of them requires timely reporting that a good Point of Sale / Inventory Control / Accounting package provides.  Dead inventory costs you money.  Money that gives you increased purchasing power and visibility to be most competitive goods and service provider in your market.

We will also provide you with a complete and integrated accounting Software that will enables you to pay your vendors and utility providers with A/P Accounts Payable with checks and balances against your purchase orders, bills and statements.  Our A/R, Accounts receivable gets you paid by your big accounts and our financial statements and Banking modules alongside extensive reporting system inform you of where you are standing at any given time and this is the universal desire of retailers to be able to see the big picture at will.

Meran Magsoodi, Author

Meran Magsoodi, Author

If you are interested in learning more about how Smartwerks POS Point of Sale and Inventory Control software can help you in your Jewelry Business, contact us at or by phone at 888-882-1530 x107.  Ask about our free trial offer.

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