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Liquor Store POS Point of Sale Software

Owning and running a Liquor Store can be rewarding when you have the right Retail Management System with Liquor Store POS Point of Sale Software.

Liquor Store POS Point of Sale Software

Liquor Store POS Point of Sale Software

Managing a Liquor Store with Smartwerks POS Point of Sale Software.  While selling alcohol is more complicated than many other retail goods, there are ways and tools available to make it simpler and less cumbersome so you as the owner or manager can concentrate on how to run it as tight and as profitable. Speed at the cash register is important yet attention has to be paid to the customer’s age and ability to purchase from you.  A good Point of Sale system collects customer’s data and purchases so you have good reports  about your marketplace’s trends and purchasing habits.

Inventory control is an essential part of wine or Liquor Store operation.  Without good information you would not have enough the right amount of products that sell in your neighborhood and instead have a store full of slow moving merchandise that is supposed to be selling great according to the reps.  “Buy 10 cases of this and get a free case of that and you be looking at and dusting them a year after in addition to  taking valuable cooler and shelf space.”

It is very important to eliminate and avoid dead inventory.  Identification of the items that have not sold for an extended amount of time and getting rid of them requires timely reporting that a good Point of Sale / Inventory Control / Accounting package provides.  Dead inventory costs you money.  Money that gives you increased purchasing power and visibility to be most competitive goods and service provider in your market.

We will also give you a complete and integrated accounting Software that will enables you to pay your vendors and utility providers with A/P Accounts Payable with checks and balances against your purchase orders, bills and statements.  Our A/R, Accounts receivable gets you paid by your big accounts and our financial statements and Banking modules alongside extensive reporting system inform you of where you are standing at any given time and this is the universal desire of retailers to be able to see the big picture at will.

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If you are interested in learning more about how Smartwerks POS software can help you, contact us at or by phone at 888-882-1530 x107.  Ask about our free trial offer.


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