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Connect With Your
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FanConnect Customer Engagement

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Build loyalty. Increase profits.

FanConnect provides a set of powerful and convenient customer engagement tools.

WiFi Marketing

Use your in-store WiFi to connect with customers. Reward new, returning, and loyal visitors automatically. Increase word of mouth about your business.

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Mobile Marketing

A simple way to engage your customers on the go. With mobile rewards, coupons, and surveys, bring customers into your store more often and supercharge sales.

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Birthday Club

Statistics show that people will spend more on their birthday. FanConnect’s Birthday Club service encourages customers to visit your store on their special day.

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Marketing Suite

The complete set of tools, managed by FanConnect. Turn casual store guests into raving fans. Find new customers, increase repeat business, and strengthen cash flow.

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Your message, delivered anywhere.

With FanConnect, reach your customers quickly. Wherever they may be.

customer engagement tools

  • Text Promotions

  • Mobile Surveys

  • Holiday/Birthday Offers

  • Digital Coupons

  • Automated Emails

  • Instant Rewards

FanConnect Free Trial

*FanConnect customer engagement tools are purchased separately from Smartwerks.

WiFi Marketing

Offer free WiFi in exchange for contact information.

Expand your customer list.

To access your in-store WiFi, guests provide their email address or Facebook account and agree to receive communications from your business. Grow your customer list up to 5 times faster.

customer engagement tools
customer engagement tools

Stay in touch. Effortlessly.

Set up triggers to promote products, specials, and events automatically or on a schedule. Increase sales, show customer appreciation, and build loyalty by engaging customers each time they visit your store.

A marketing machine.

More store visits. More money spent. More raving fans.

Mobile Marketing

Build repeat business. Increase sales.

Connect on the go.

Use the power of mobile to send bulk messages, engage customers, and deliver shareable coupons to your customer base. Grow word of mouth, virally.

Simple signup.

Customers can opt-in for mobile messages via desktop kiosk, website form, text message, or Facebook. Achieve company growth, many customers at a time.

Access data quickly.

Pull up your FanConnect mobile account anywhere, on any device. Retrieve customer information, offers, campaigns, and reports quickly. No software to install.

Birthday Club

The idea that “everyone loves receiving a birthday gift” has been turned into a powerful solution that boosts sales and grows your customer list. Run by the experts at FanConnect, this service entices customers to visit your store on their birthday.

customer engagement technology

Marketing Suite

FanConnect’s complete marketing toolset.


Show customer appreciation by offering valuable rewards. Turn casual visitors into loyal fans, and loyal fans into raving fans. Over time, those raving fans become influencers and affect the behavior and opinions of other customers.

Email Builder

Email is one of the mostly effective ways to market to your existing customers. With Email Builder, quickly create a new message or start new campaign. Track delivery and engagement statistics easily on the FanConnect dashboard.

WiFi Marketing

Connect with customers using your existing WiFi service. Grow your customer lists and increase walk-in traffic by rewarding first time, returning, and loyal customers. View activity and analyze results with the simple FanConnect dashboard.

Mobile Marketing

Send messages and promotions to your customer’s mobile device(s) to keep the sales coming. Expand engagement with surveys and review requests. Sign up through Facebook, a web form, text message, or loyalty kiosk.

Concierge Marketing

Focus on running your business and let FanConnect’s team of experts promote your business. Don’t worry about creating emails, mobile messages, mobile coupons, or managing your marketing services. They take care of that for you.

Birthday Club

A done-for-you marketing solution that sends automated birthday offers to local patrons. By delivering focused and relevant promotions, customers will choose to visit your store on their birthday. Boost sales and grow your list, easily.

A quick look at the numbers.

On average, FanConnect customers have:

higher monthly open rates
monthly email opt-ins
daily WiFi logins

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