Let Your iPad Do the Work.

No one likes asking customers for their information. But with the tablet kiosk, you don’t have to. When talking to a customer, casually mention the offer displayed on the tablet screen, and it handles everything else.

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collecting customer information on ipad

An elegant way to collect customer information.


Sitting on your checkout counter, a floor mount, or a store wall, SmartConnect’s tablet kiosk is a stylish and fast way to capture customer information. Store visitors simply enter their mobile number on the screen to collect a free item, coupon, or other reward. As with text keywords, they will immediately receive a follow-up offer asking them to join your loyalty program or like your social media page.

Fast Check-In

Customers can quickly record visits to your store on the tablet kiosk. You can then reward them, automatically, with digital coupons based on the frequency of their visits.

Redeem coupons.

During checkout, customers can easily access their account on the tablet kiosk (using their mobile number) and redeem any digital coupons they have earned from previous store visits.

Plenty of hardware options.

Use your own equipment or purchase one of our starter kits that include a tablet and a stand/mount. We’ll design the screen experience, complete with your logo and colors, for you.

Stay in touch. Regularly.

Once a customer’s mobile number is added to SmartConnect, you’ll be able to follow up with them consistently. Bring customers back by offering valuable incentives via text and/or email.

It works with almost
any type of business.

  • Restaurants

  • Appliance Stores

  • Salons

  • Furniture Stores

  • Cleaners

  • Car Washes

  • Bakeries

  • Electronics Stores

  • Hearth/Patio Stores

  • HVAC Providers

  • Nutrition Stores

  • Mattress Stores

  • Auto Shops/Dealers

  • Spas

  • Health/Skin

Everything in one place.

Most companies use one piece of software for their CRM, another for text/email marketing, and yet another one to manage their loyalty program. There might be even one more to handle customer reviews and surveys. But with SmartConnect, you have it all in one solution. Once you add a customer to the SmartConnect CRM, you can contact them, reward them, and get their feedback with one set of simple tools.

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Here’s what people are saying.

“As someone who works alongside restaurant owners in one of the busiest cities in the Southeast, I have found that this is a great product for restaurants to use in order to stay connected with their customers on a more regular basis. The platform is easy to use, implementation is quick, and the results speak for themselves when you have a full house even on your slower days.”

Tandelyn Daniel
Georgia Hospitality & Foodservice Network

“SmartConnect is a great channel partner with Hive VOC! They offer premium services for all business sizes across a wide variety of industries. They add tremendous value for our members, all while providing excellent customer service.”

Jason Schofield
Hive V.O.C.

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