Engage customers like never before.

With SmartConnect, you’ll engage customers at each stage of their journey: before the sale, during the sale, and (long) after the sale.

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Engage customers like never before.

Bulk SMS Messaging, Two Way Texting, Automated Texts, Review Requests, Appointment Reminders, QR Codes, and much more.

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Two Way Texting

One-sided conversations are no fun. Two way messaging allows you to chat with customers in real-time. Prospects/customers can start a chat by texting a keyword or replying to one of your previous bulk or 1-on-1 texts. Answer any questions that they have and gather valuable feedback so you can serve them better. This is the most personal way to interact with your customers.

Bulk SMS

Bulk texts are perfect for sending important and timely updates about your business. Send a message to all of your customers at once, or send the message to a smaller, more targeted group of customers. Used sparingly, they also work well for introducing a new product or announcing a special promotion. Just be careful not to come off as spammy. They won’t like it.

Appointment Reminders

People forget appointments. And forgotten appointments cost you time and money. With Appointment Reminders, customers or patients receive a text message reminder a day or two before their scheduled appointment. Ask them to text a response to confirm, or if they need to cancel or reschedule, handle those requests through text message as well.

Review Requests

People trust reviews more than any advertising you can come up with. And they’re a great way to spread the word. Easily send review requests to your customers via text. Ask if they want to review your products/services on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or any other site. When they reply, an automatic response is sent with the direct link to that review site.

Text Keywords

SMS/text keywords are the easiest way for customers to sign up for one of your messaging lists . Advertise the keyword in your store, on your website, and on social media, and your customers will do the rest. With SmartConnect, you can create multiple keywords, making it easy to group your customers based on their product interests.

QR Codes

QR codes are making a huge comeback. In just seconds, generate your own QR codes and make customer signups easier than ever. Print them to paper and place them in your store. Or save them as an image file and post them on social media and your website. A customer simply scans the QR code and a ready-to-send text message is created on their phone containing opt-in keyword.


Need a quick way to engage your customers and grow your customer list? Delivered to some or all of your subscribers via text message, contests get everyone’s attention and are easy to create. Customers either reply to your bulk message or text a keyword to participate in a contest of your choice. A ‘Daily Winner’ drawing or a ‘Text to Win’ contest are two of the most popular.


Like contests, SMS polls are one of the easiest ways to get your subscribers’ attention. They’re simple and it only takes a second for customers to text a response. Can’t decide on your next promotion? Want to know what you’re doing well and where you need to improve? Ask your customers with a text-to-vote poll and let them tell you.

Loyalty Kiosk

Sitting on your checkout counter, the Loyalty Kiosk is an iPad (or other tablet) that customers can use to opt-in to your marketing list or check in to your loyalty program. To encourage participation, a special offer or discount is typically included. The employee working the counter simply points out the offer and customers enter their mobile number to sign up and redeem it.

Website Signup Widgets

In addition to text keywords, the Loyalty Kiosk, and QR codes, customers can sign up for your SMS marketing list through a simple form placed on your website. And we’ve done most of the work for you. Fill out a few fields and then copy and paste the widget code to your website. Because the form is so simple, you’ll start growing your customer list in no time.

Customer Groups

Create groups within your text marketing lists. Not only does this help you stay organized, it provides a personalized experience for the customer. Subscribers want information that is relevant to them. Target your marketing efforts by presenting new products, discounts, and special offers that you know they each group is interested in.

Name & Email Capture

People like it when you remember their name. With Name and Email Capture, new subscribers will receive an immediate follow-up text asking them to provide their name and email address. With this information, you can address them by name in all of your future communications and personalize the relationship. It also provides an additional avenue of contact.

SMS Birthday Wishes

Connect with your customers on their special day. With Birthday Wishes, SmartConnect will automatically send subscribers a personalized greeting on their birthday. This could be a simple text message or something fancier, like an MMS birthday card. After opt-in (Text BIRTHDAY to…), new subscribers will receive a follow-up text requesting that they provide their birthdate.

Subscriber Import

It’s easy to import an existing SMS list to SmartConnect. But because SMS laws are very stringent, it’s important that you have explicit written consent from your subscribers stating that they have agreed to receive messages from you. When imported, your contacts are added to the Contact Management Module, which is used to manage all of your subscribers.

Digital SMS Punch Cards

Remember when loyalty programs consisted of those paper punch cards that you kept in your wallet? Digital punch cards are basically the same idea, but they won’t get lost or damaged. Text your subscribers a “punch code” for the day and points are automatically tracked for each customer. When they reach a points milestone, they’ll receive a reward notification via text.

Mobile Coupons

Create stunning mobile coupons to send to your customers. Did you know that mobile/digital coupons have a 77% higher redemption rate than traditional papers coupons? They also reduce your advertising costs. Build a loyal following by sending your current customers customized coupons that they can redeem with their phone. Setup is easy and flexible.

Automated Texts

Being able to stay in consistent contact with your customers is a major perk of SMS marketing. But without an automated process, you’ll just spend all of your time writing and sending texts. With SmartConnect, determine the precise date and time your bulk SMS messages should be delivered. Schedule months worth of text messages in one sitting.

Message Templates

It’s always a good idea to automate as much of your marketing campaigns as you can. With Message Templates, save your most common or often used text messages so that you can access and use them later. You might send the same exact message next time or choose to modify it slightly. Either way, it’s easier than starting from scratch.

MMS/Picture Messaging

It’s an overused expression, but it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Or in this case, 160 characters. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) brings the multimedia capabilities of email to your text messages. With SmartConnect, include photos, short videos, and even audio clips in your texts to convey your message clearly, each and every time.

Q&A SMS Bots

Set up automated SMS question/response sequences that are activated by texting a keyword. Once the subscriber answers the first question, they will receive the next question in the sequence. These are great for common support questions, FAQs, quizzes, and customer feedback. And once it’s setup, everything works on autopilot.

Mobile Splash Page Builder

Texts are great, but they only allow 160 characters. This becomes a problem when you want to include details of a promotion, offer, or special event. With our Mobile Splash Page Builder, create a quick HTML web page that contains all of the details you couldn’t fit into your message. Then put the link to the page in your text and you’re ready to roll.


When a person joins one of your marketing lists, automatically send a text message back to them. You determine the content and the timing. And just like a standard email autoresponder, you can set up automatic delivery for an unlimited series of future messages. Include a discount or special offer. Or encourage them to follow your social media pages.

Long Code Numbers

Instead of using short codes, which are expensive and take a long time to approve, choose from thousands of available long code numbers. These are standard 10-digit phone numbers that are voice activated and SMS enabled. You can attach multiple long code numbers to your account, giving you the flexibility of sending texts with more than one phone number.

Detailed Campaign Analytics

Analytics are vital to the success of any marketing endeavor. With SmartConnect, keep tabs on the most important metrics of your text campaigns. View the number of subscribers for a specific time period. See how they signed up (text keyword, Loyalty Kiosk, Web Widget, etc.). Discover the keywords that were used the most. And much more.

Email Integration

Chances are good that you already have a software tool that you use for email marketing. That’s great! If SmartConnect’s Email Capture option is turned on, when a subscriber provides their email address, it can automatically be added to the appropriate lists in your favorite email service. Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, or Sendinblue are just a few.

Facebook Integration

You’ve taken the time to craft the perfect message to your subscribers. Why not extend your reach even further? With our Facebook integration, easily post messages to your Facebook page. Increase views and show those who are not currently subscribers what they are missing. Make sure to include a special offer or discount to sweeten the deal.

Broadcast From Phone

Out of the office with limited internet access? With the Broadcast from Phone feature, you can send SMS blasts directly from your phone. And there’s no account login required. Simply send a text to your online phone number, include a few simple commands, and SmartConnect will send the text blast to the appropriate audience. It’s fast, convenient, and on-the-go.

SMS to Email / Email to SMS

Never miss a message. Receive an email notification whenever someone texts you a message. Since the email contains the text message itself, you can simply reply to the email and it is automatically converted to a text message and sent back to the customer. Of course, you can always just reply by text if that’s more convenient.

Link Shortening & Tracking

When you only have 160 characters, every single letter is valuable. When including a link in your text, instead of using the full URL, SmartConnect will shorten the link for you, freeing up important space for your message. It will also track the number of times someone clicks that link, allowing you to tweak your marketing strategy accordingly.

Recurring Messages

Repeating promotions are used to send automated texts to customers on a recurring basis. Stay at the front of your customers’ minds by contacting them daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. By including a discount or special offer, you’ll get them back to your store sooner than later. Turn everyday customers into loyal fans of your business.

Email Alerts

To help you keep track of new subscribers, SmartConnect uses Email Alerts. Based on your settings, you’ll receive an email alert whenever a new subscriber is added to one of your SMS marketing lists. If signups are just rolling in, choose to receive a daily summary of new subscribers. You will also be notified when your text credit balance is getting low.

Contact Management

The Customer Management Module lists all of your subscribers. View their phone number, the group they belong to, how they signed up, and their name and email address (if applicable). Our powerful search feature makes it easy to find the customer you are looking for in seconds. Send an SMS message to individual customers or groups of customers from as well.

Voicemail / Call Forwarding

SmartConnect comes with full voicemail and call forwarding functionality. For those constantly on the move, voicemail is a useful feature. You have the option of sending all calls to voicemail, and then listening to them within the online dashboard. If you need to forward calls to another phone number, you can do that as well.

Voice Broadcasting

A simple text message is perfect for most occasions. But if you want to take things to the next level, try a voice message. You can type the message and SmartConnect will convert the text to voice. Or, you can do your best Morgan Freeman imitation and upload an mp3 of your own voice (recommended!). It’s another great way to keep your subscribers engaged.

It works with almost
any type of business.

It works with almost any type of business.

  • Restaurants

  • Real Estate

  • Car Dealerships

  • Dance Studios

  • Events

  • Radio Stations

  • Staffing/Recruiting

  • Schools

  • Retail

  • Fitness/Gyms

  • Spas/Salons

  • Golf Courses

  • Hotels/Hospitality

  • Grocery Stores

  • HVAC Providers

  • Dispatch & Logistics

  • Medical/Dental Offices

  • Cities

  • Churches

  • Insurance

  • Laundromats

  • Food Trucks

  • Bars/Breweries

  • eCommerce

Real Estate
Car Dealerships
Dance Studios
Radio Stations
Golf Courses
Grocery Stores
HVAC Providers
Dispatch & Logistics
Medical/Dental Offices
Food Trucks

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