Service Industry Professionals: Here’s How To Improve Text Messaging

woman with smartphone and friends at restaurant how to improve text messaging

A great customer experience is the goal for every business, but it’s a higher priority for everyone in the service industry. Competition in the marketplace is so tight that a single negative experience will turn customers away. Most of those come from poor communication, which makes text messaging the perfect tool to prevent them.

Mobile First World

More consumers prefer texts or SMS messaging over traditional customer service. They also want to receive updates and appointment reminders via text and not through phone calls. It’s a mobile first world and convenience is a differentiator. People check their phones on average 80 times a day. They will also read a text within minutes of receiving it. This means that text messaging engages with customers in ways that are far superior to traditional methods of communication.

Tips for the Service Industry

There are so many different types of businesses that fit under the service industry umbrella. And each one has specific needs and unique challenges, as well as opportunities. The list below offers some tips on how each one can improve customer service through direct engagement.

Health Care

Privacy is a major concern for any medical provider. Knowing exactly what they can and cannot send through texts is very important. According to the CMS, patient care cannot be sent via text. This includes test results and prescriptions, but an alert via text can tell patients to contact the service provider.

People want to receive appointment reminders, especially when they forgot to make one. People also like follow up texts that check in with them after a visit. A link to patient care surveys can also be sent through text messaging. The key here is to make sure all texts are compliant to current standards.


Changes in the market happen fast. That’s why financial advisors and independent brokers need to engage with their clients on a regular basis. They can also reach out to younger investors in a more meaningful way by sending wealth building opportunities.

Banks use text alerts for balances and to eliminate fraud. Almost 50% of millennials prefer receiving texts and they are the largest segment of the population.

Start Texting Your Customers

Learn How


Competition within the restaurant industry is fierce. One way to stand out is through text messaging. Sending chef’s specials and promotions at the right time of day will lure more customers and increase loyalty. Text-to-order is also another possibility.


Most people interact with their independent agent one a year. Text messaging is really beneficial to the insurance industry, because 86% think that there’s not enough communication with their agent. This is a huge opportunity for agents to send their clients renewal notices and alerts about coverage. Or set up an appointment to go through current coverage and address any concerns. It’s a level of engagement that builds relationships.

Real Estate

In some markets around the country, home buyers need to make quick decisions or else lose a chance to bid on properties that fit their needs. Realtors using text messaging know how well it works in a fast-paced economy. Text messages also get more leads that turn into sales.

Building Strong Connections

Every business that provides services can benefit from sending texts to their customers and clients. It’s a way of continually serving them, even when they are not around.

Weak connections with customers develop from a lack of communication. This can be easily broken. That’s why keeping in touch through text messaging builds stronger connections with customers.

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