7 Must-Have Features for Your Loyalty Program

loyalty program features

When it’s time to start looking for a loyalty program, not all of them are created equally. More importantly, consumers are looking for loyalty programs with tangible benefits, such as easy-to-use points and discounts. They are also looking for the intangibles—the benefits that make them feel good—a connection and shared interest with your brand.

Making Authentic Connections

Consumers in the United States prefer retailers with loyalty programs over the ones that don’t. The average U. S. consumer has 38 memberships, but they are active in only 12. This typically is the fault of poorly designed programs that fail to engage with customers.

There is a real disconnect between retailers and their customers when it comes to these programs. Points and discounts are not enough, so you need to find a loyalty program with the features that will connect with your customers. If you don’t, you may end up losing your investment in a program that can bring in 240% more revenue per repeat customer.

The 7 Best Loyalty Program Features

The best programs will have a good mix of marketing activities and customer engagement. These loyalty program features can build deeper connections with your repeat customers. Here are the ones you should be looking for:

1. Rewards

Consumers are always looking for ways to save a buck. That’s why rewards have always been a great way of saying, “Thank you for being loyal!” Rewards programs are also a fun way for them to see their history of purchases. One of the best things to look for in a rewards program is simplicity—for you and your customers. Make sure it’s easy for them to redeem rewards, and easy for you to account for them. Customers expect a generous reward at higher milestones. Many will leave if they aren’t truly rewarded. They also need time to redeem them, so make sure you set realistic deadlines that give them plenty of time to use them.

2. Mobile & Text

The average person spends more time on mobile (phones and tablets) than on a PC. Reaching your customers through texts and mobile alerts guarantees higher open rates. For retailers, they are usually in their store and away from their office. This is why having mobile access to your loyalty program can keep you on top of important engagement activities and review reports.

3. In-Store Marketing

There aren’t many ways a digitally-based loyalty program can engage with customers while they are in your store. Wifi Marketing is one of the best, because it’s a deeper way to engage with customers by providing free WiFi while they are shopping or spending time in your store. After signing up, they save on expensive data charges and you have another loyal customer.

Marketing, loyalty, and customer feedback all in one place.

Show Me!

4. Metrics

Advanced retail solutions allow your company to make better decisions. Through detailed reports, you can predict customer behavior and deliver relevant, memorable experiences.

5. Email Marketing

Almost a quarter of your customers will open the emails you send. Consumers look to email as the best source for the latest promotional offers and insight into the latest trends. Make sure the loyalty program’s email feature is easy for you to use and arrives in an attractive format for your customers.

6. Special Events

Build deeper connections with your customers by celebrating special events in their lives. Birthdays and anniversaries are a great way to do this. Once a year, you’ll be able to say “We appreciate your business.”

7. Support

Technical support and training will help you get the most of your loyalty program. Also look for programs that offer help with all of those necessary marketing activities. This can be a major time saver for you and your employees.

More Than Just One or Two Features

What’s the good of having a loyalty program if it only does one or two of these things? All of these features work together to keep your brand front-of-mind for your customers. Best of all, they work in different ways in order to capture more attention.

Loyal customers are your most important ones. Customers want more than products and good service. They want to be engaged with your brand, so find the right program for them and watch how quickly they will respond.

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