Marketing Personalization: Connecting Data and Content

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Personalization has become one of the best things any business, retail or restaurant, can do to engage with their customers. In the past, the costs to run a marketing campaign focused on personalization were out of reach for small and midsized businesses. Well, that’s changed because now small businesses can find cost-effective ways to personalize their marketing messages to attract new customers while retaining their loyal ones.

What Is Personalization?

Personalization is using a customer’s personal information and purchasing habits to deliver truly one-to-one content that targets the right audiences. This allows businesses to engage with their potential or current customers as individuals, not just people on a list. It’s marketing that is tailored to their interests, which builds a deeper connection—a more personal connection—between the business and the customer.

You’ve already seen personalization at work. The emails and texts we sign up for use our first name. There’s also the benefit of offering deals on products that customers might like, which is based upon past purchases. Personalization is all about getting on a first-name basis and delivering what customers like.

Tired of Losing Customers?

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Statistics on Personalization

This type of marketing has become increasingly popular with consumers and the statistics below show some amazing results.

Consumers are bombarded daily by spam and other forms of advertising. They appreciate businesses that take the time to tailor their marketing with personalized messages that fit their interests. They become interested if they see their name or a purchase they might like. And, best of all, lots of businesses have experienced first­-hand the positive effects it has on their own marketing.

Connecting Data and Content

In the past, the trickiest part was connecting your customer list with marketing activities, such as email or direct mail. It used to be an expensive endeavor and often filled with errors, because of the volume of data needed. That has all changed through customer loyalty programs and marketing automation.

Small businesses can leverage technology to fit their marketing personalization strategy. Marketing automation combs through the data and streamlines the process of sending communications. This frees up time and resources so managers and owners can focus on their daily tasks.

Making Personal Recommendations Just Got Easier

Businesses can create a more personal experience when they identify which incentives their customers are more likely to respond to. Recommendations are another great way to show that businesses understand what their customers are looking for and how they can get it. This ensures that their marketing is working and not falling on deaf ears.

Personalization is data-driven marketing at its best. It takes target marketing to the next level and increases the chance for more successful conversion rates.

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