Here’s How To Inspire Millennials to Join Your Loyalty Program

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For retailers and restaurants in the United States, millennials comprise the largest market segment. They are a 70+ million target audience with greater potential for returns than any other generation, especially when they become loyal to the brands they love. Enticing them to join your loyalty program requires more than discounts and convenience.

Beyond the Transaction

People from every generation believe that customer service, convenience, and pricing are critical for loyalty. But it’s the millennials that want their favorite brands to have positive reputations and be more socially responsible.

Most companies already have great reputations by contributing to their community through food donations or volunteer efforts. Some have green initiatives and sustainability plans in place, because they are environmentally and economically conscious. Problem is that these efforts are rarely touted even though millennials want to hear about them. Millennials find inspiration in supporting the causes that matter to them. It’s important for their loyalty.

Keep Them Inspired

Once you have their attention, you have to keep it. That’s why implementing a tiered rewards program in place will entice them to stay loyal to your brand. A tiered system captures the entire range of loyal customers—from the infrequent shopper to the regulars. Without tiers you may alienate the people who spend less but still feel loyal.

Millennials prefer text messages with rewards updates and deals. They will also follow you on social media to feel more connected. Falling off the radar and failing to keep them informed is one of the biggest mistakes loyalty programs make. This is where automated marketing programs come in to pick up the slack.

Tired of Losing Customers?

Digital and Mobile Marketing

It should come as no surprise that Millennials are heavily influenced by social media and online reviews. Many are considered to be digital natives, so they look to the internet before making decisions about what to buy or where they should go out to eat. It’s where they find their favorite places to go and how they stay in contact with the brands they love.

To inspire millennials, you need to have a strong digital presence. This requires some planning and execution in order to deliver consistent brand messaging. It also requires a strong mobile marketing effort to send out frequent alerts or utilize birthday marketing. They also need to know more about your store, going beyond menus and product catalogs. Authentic engagement and genuine experiences will inspire them the most.

Empower Them to Spread the Word

Any loyalty program that’s not easy to use will immediately turn them off. They don’t want confusing reward structures or rules that are too difficult to understand. How can you expect them to explain it to a friend? Making your loyalty program more accessible can empower them to spread the word to their friends and family.

As inspired advocates, millennials’ word-of-mouth advertising is hard to compete against. Plus, because of their online lifestyles, their reach is much greater than ever before. So, inspiring this generation is also about creating lasting relationships.

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