Never Miss a Customer’s Birthday.

On average, customers are ready to spend 78% more on their birthday. With mobile birthday marketing, get them back to your business on their special day by sending perfectly-timed automated offers via text and/or email.

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mobile birthday marketing

Send offers they can’t refuse.

Easily connect with your customers on their birthday with an automated text and/or email. Each message contains a special offer of your choice (a cash reward, comp, or digital coupon) to give your customers a compelling reason to come back to your business. You can also send a Pre-Birthday message, automatically, 10 days before their actual birthday. That way they can anticipate their gift and plan a special visit to your store.


Happy Birthday

Make personal connections.

Getting in touch on birthdays is one of the best ways to develop real, emotional connections with your customers. By providing a welcoming environment and something of value, they will gladly come back to your store to spend time and more money. It’s a two-way appreciation that builds loyalty and ultimately turns customers into raving fans of your business. And it takes just minutes to set up, for every customer and every birthday.

mobile birthday marketing

No writing involved.

One of the best things about mobile birthday marketing is that we have already created the texts and emails for you. Customize them if you want, but there’s really no need. Simply add your can’t-miss offer (a cash reward, complimentary item/service, or digital coupon) to the birthday promotion and you’re ready to go.

mobile birthday marketing

More than just birthdays.

Reaching customers on their birthday is huge. But it’s not the only time that you should connect with your customers. With SmartConnect, you can send automated text and/or emails to customers on special days throughout the year. Whether it’s an anniversary, a special event, or just a simple “thank you,” keep your business at the front of your customers’ minds. It only takes a few minutes to set up promotions for the entire year.

Happy Anniversary

Send perfectly-timed texts/emails to your customers on their anniversary. Include a cash reward, comp item, or digital coupon to encourage a return visit.

Thank You Note

Automatically send customers a message the day after a purchase to thank them for their business. They will appreciate the appreciation.

Overdue Visit

Send a text/email, automatically, to customers who haven’t visited in a while. Include an expiring bonus as a friendly nudge to return to your store.

Top Patron

As customers pass a spending threshold, provide a special bonus just for them. Automatically. With appreciation comes increased loyalty.


Contact customers once a week, month, or quarter with an automated special offer. There’s no better way to encourage customers to keep coming back.

Account Activation

Text/email your customers when they register for your SmartConnect loyalty program. Don’t forget to include the activation bonus you promised them.

Reach out on holidays.

Sending messages on holidays is a great way to stay in touch throughout the year. Customers love these messages because they are personalized, have an uplifting message, and of course include some type of valuable offer. Include an expiring cash reward toward a future purchase, a complimentary item or service, or a digital coupon on those celebrated days throughout the year.

  • New Year’s Day

  • Valentine’s Day

  • Tax Refund Day

  • Father’s Day

  • Labor Day

  • Happy Holidays

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • St. Patrick’s Day

  • Mother’s Day

  • Canada Day

  • Halloween

  • Christmas

  • President’s Day

  • Earth Day

  • Cinco de Mayo

  • Independence Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Super Bowl

Not only for messaging.

If you’re only interested in texting your customers, we have a package just for you. But SmartConnect is much more than that. Most companies use one piece of software for their CRM, another for text/email marketing, and yet another one to manage their loyalty program. There might be even one more to handle customer reviews and surveys. But with SmartConnect, you have it all in one solution.

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“As someone who works alongside restaurant owners in one of the busiest cities in the Southeast, I have found that this is a great product for restaurants to use in order to stay connected with their customers on a more regular basis. The platform is easy to use, implementation is quick, and the results speak for themselves when you have a full house even on your slower days.”

Tandelyn Daniel | Georgia Hospitality & Foodservice Network

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