How To Use Mobile Marketing To Drive Customer Engagement

mobile marketing strategy

Anyone in the retail or restaurant industry knows that customers are always on their phones. What many of them don’t know is how to engage with those customers while they are on their phones and in their store. It’s called mobile marketing—one of the best ways to create a more personalized, location-based customer experience.

Focus on Customer Experience

With advances in technology, bridging the virtual world with the in-store experience is easier than ever before. Some big-box retailers are using virtual reality headsets so shoppers can “try before they buy.” It’s expensive and takes years to develop. For small businesses, they don’t need the latest in VR technology to capture their customers attention, because smartphones can do it for them.

The key is to focus on the individual customer’s experience. What do they need when they enter the store? Mobile marketing is the answer and it works like an extra employee on the floor. Plus, it can give small business owners more information on what their customers are looking for.

A Mobile Marketing Strategy

The goal of any mobile marketing strategy is to increase customer engagement. Small businesses can do this simply and without a major capital investment. It all begins from understanding their customers’ preferences and expectations. From these, they can design a strategy that helps evolve their relationship with customers over time.

Below is a list of 7 ways retailers and restauranteurs can implement a mobile marketing strategy that engages more with their customers.

1. Mobile Friendly Sign-Up

It all starts with customers signing up for discounts, coupons, and information on trends. The best place for them to start is on their smartphone. This needs to be easy and convenient or else they won’t do it.

2. In-Store Marketing

In-store marketing often gets neglected, but can be very effective. Salespeople are the drivers of any mobile marketing initiative, but signs located in various areas of the store reinforce the message. Again, simple is best and asking customers to follow on social media is a great idea.

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3. Mobile Optimized Website

Smartphone users and search engines (especially Google) hate obsolete websites. For search engines, it’s all about user experience and scrolling through a website that’s not optimized for mobile is not user friendly.

4. Surveys

Businesses that take surveys and polls increase their customer knowledge. Customers participate in polls to share their knowledge with the hope of an even better experience or to get free stuff. There’s no denying that surveys are a win-win for everyone.

5. Text Alerts

Millennials prefer text alerts because they feel it’s less disruptive and more convenient. And 75% believe that receiving text alerts for deliveries, promotions and surveys are helpful.

6. Being Social

Taking customer relationships to the next level begins with social media. It’s the perfect place to interact with them when they aren’t in the store. Plus, they can easily give recommendations to their family and friends.

7. Content to Share

Consumers are looking for more authentic interactions with the brands they love. Content is a one of the best ways to offer “expert advice” on all kinds of things related the brand. Best of all, customers will often share authentic content to people who are not familiar with the brand.

Convenience Matters

In the past, traditional forms of advertising were the only way consumers were able to get the deals they were looking for. Mobile marketing makes it easier for customers to get the information they want when they need it. That’s the best kind of customer engagement any business can have.

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