Grab More Attention With These SMS Marketing Ideas

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You already know that one of the best ways to directly reach your customers is through an SMS campaign (text messages). Unfortunately, they are bombarded by messages all day, so the hard part is grabbing their attention.

Small businesses can take advantage of what the big brands have learned from their SMS campaigns to get the most return.

First, Know Your Audience

Your customers are more likely to read and respond to a text within minutes than an email or ad in the newspaper. There are some tried and true ways of increasing engagement with your customers that are creative, fun to implement, and built for a higher return. But you’ll need to know your audience first.

When you take the time to define who your customers are, you’ll be able to connect with them in more personal ways. Personalization builds engagement because you’re focusing on them and not simply pushing products or sales to get them in the door.

Tailor Your Campaign

Sending a general message will look like you’re trying to pressure customers into buying something. It’s inauthentic and can be annoying. But, when you send a personalized message, you’ll grab their attention.

Here are some tried and true ideas for a tailored SMS marketing strategy that works.

1. Major Local Events

You can drive more traffic to your store by showing support for local events. People love local businesses that have a deep connection with their community. This is an authentic message that creates a positive emotional response. It’s how you build stronger relationships with your customers.

2. Flash Sale

Got a new product or service? How about excess inventory? A flash sale will bring customers in to take advantage of a limited time offer. It’s also a great way to incentivize them to purchase other products.

3. Join the Conversation

Promote your social media platforms, so your customers can follow you and become more engaged with your business. You can also promote community events and store news with links to your latest blog. Let them join in the conversation because great relationships are a two-way street.

4. AB Testing

Running an AB test is a lot like experimenting. You create two messages with slightly different variations between them. The difference could be in the form of an offer or how you present it, and then you analyze the results. This is commonly used in marketing to indicate what works and what doesn’t.

5. Increase Your Potential

If you have a shortcode and keyword, make sure that you include it on all of your printed materials, such as newspaper ads, flyers, and brochures. This will entice potential customers to opt-in to your list.

6. Leave a Review

You can promote online reviews by sending a link. It’s also a great way to gather testimonials.

7. Exclusive Offers

Everyone wants to be treated like a VIP, but you can reserve special treatment for loyal customers. Sending exclusive offers to your customers makes them feel like their part of an elite club.

Start the Conversation

For many people, texting is a way of having a conversation. If you send the same offers, over and over, you’ll lose interest because no one wants to talk about the same thing all the time. Plus, it looks like you want their money and that’s not how you build relationships.

The key to a successful SMS marketing strategy is to change your messaging. You want to engage with your customers in meaningful ways so that they can recommend your business to their friends.

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