The Best Ways to Collect Customer Data

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Collecting your customer’s contact information, an email address or cell phone number, is critical for any marketing strategy. Contact information allows you to target them with personalized deals and promotions. Without it, you’re marketing blindly and just hoping to garner some attention. That’s inefficient and costing you time and money.

Building Trust

People hold their personal contact information closely and getting it can be tricky. Many companies have abused the privilege of holding customer information. That’s why there are laws protecting consumers from corporations trying to take advantage of their trust.

People will trust you with their contact information if you explain your policies and procedures. These usually detail how personal information won’t be used for spam or sold to third parties. Once you’ve gained their trust, they will give you their contact information because they crave personalization, which means getting offers and services directly related to what they want.

Ways to Collect Customer Data

There are many ways that encourage your customers to give you their contact information. Some of these are manual and require you to enter the information onto a spreadsheet or customer resource management (CRM) tool. Other ways are automated, where the customer directly enters their information into a direct-marketing tool.

Of course, automated is more efficient and allows for fewer mistakes. However, some people still like filling out things by hand, so it’s best to have a good mix of both. The list below contains all the ways that you can collect customer contact information.


1. Texted Keyword

A mobile keyword is a single word sent via text or SMS through a short code phone number. The keyword gives customers the ability to opt-in to your database and view offers right away. You can also set up an automated response that lets them know how and when they will receive future offers via text.

2. Tablet Kiosk

Your customers are very familiar with tablets and how to use them. So, having a tablet dedicated to gathering customer contact information is a simple way for them to opt-in to your marketing database. These can be located at the checkout counter or near the entrance of your store.

3. WiFi Connection

Smartphone users love free WiFi, especially with the high cost of data. This service is easy to set up and easier for them to connect. They simply give their contact information then surf the internet for free.


4. Signup Sheet

Remember when a signup sheet was the only way to get a customer’s contact information? Usually located at the checkout counter, it still has the potential to get a handful of email accounts. Just make sure you have a way to hide the other names on the list in order to respect their privacy.

5. Comment Cards

The best thing about comment cards is that you’re getting an immediate response by a customer. Encourage them to leave their contact information, so they can get something in return for participating.

6. Employees

Gathering customer information is another way for your employees to interact with customers. It opens the door for personal conversations that make customers feel more comfortable.

7. Social Media

Anyone following your company or commenting on your posts in Facebook or Instagram? You can ask for their contact information through any of the messaging services provided by the platform.

Automated Is Better

The manual ways are quickly becoming obsolete because automated systems are easy to set up, simple for customers to use, and are non-instrusive. Plus, they are far less expensive than you may think. With an automated system, you will quickly see a return on your investment.

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