WiFi Connect

A simple way to collect customer information.

Hassle-free WiFi access.

Instead of searching store walls for the password, or even worse, getting up to ask you for it, store guests can login to your secure, Free WiFi using their mobile number, email address, or Facebook account. They get free internet and you get their information.

customer engagement tools
customer engagement tools

Stay in touch. Effortlessly.

When customers provide their information, it is added to SmartConnect’s built-in Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). With new customers on your list, send automated texts and/or emails to stay in touch and encourage them to come back.

More Money Spent

With Free WiFi, customers will spend more time in your store. Whether working, studying, or researching products, additional time in the store means more money spent.

Increased Foot Traffic

Restaurants and retailers alike see an increase in foot traffic when offering Free WiFi. Provide one more reason for new customers to stop by and try out your business.

Instant Engagement

Redirect customers to your social media pages, your company website, or other promotional content where they can instantly engage with your business.

A Personalized Experience

Because WiFi Connect recognizes returning customers, you will provide a more personalized experience for your customers and deepen their connection with your brand.

Plug In.
Power Up.
And Go.

Getting started with WiFi Connect could not be easier. Simply plug the SmartConnect router into your existing router or modem, power it up, and you’re off to the races.

No password required.

When guests try to connect to your WiFi network, they are directed to a branded splash page/welcome screen. Instead of entering a clunky password, they are asked to login with their mobile number, email address, or Facebook account. Design your own splash page, or let us take care of that for you. If guests are skeptical, provide further incentive by including an offer or reward directly on the welcome screen.

The analytics you need.

Access your WiFi analytics on any device, from any location. See how many logins you had each day, week, and month and the current trends for each. Discover whether customers used their mobile number, email address, or Facebook account to login. Quickly determine how many first time sign-ins you had versus the number of repeat sign-ins. View key demographics for all customers (male vs. female, etc).

First Time Sign-Ins


Return Sign-Ins




Total Sign-Ins


See how it all works.

In this video, discover how SmartConnect helps you:

  • Grow your customer list.

  • Communicate with your customers.

  • Encourage repeat store visits.

  • Increase word-of-mouth advertising.

  • Turn loyal customers in raving fans of your company.

Another look at the numbers:

  • Over 13 million customers have received offers from our clients.
  • We’ve processed more than 100 million messages, transactions,
    and promotions of all types.


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