WiFi Marketing: 7 Benefits of Offering Free WiFi to Customers

offering free wiFi to customers

Offering Free WiFi To Customers

The cost of data is still expensive for the average smartphone user. Most users have become very savvy and utilize free WiFi when it’s available. Retailers and restaurants offering free WiFi to customers can capitalize upon this trend. It’s called WiFi marketing and it can dig deeper into their customer base.

Many businesses don’t understand what the benefits are for this type of service. They often object to start-up costs, monthly fees and other barriers to entry. These fear-driven myths are easily dispelled after learning the benefits of providing free WiFi to their customers.

Benefits of WiFi Marketing

Consumers are more willing to provide a little personal information when they get something of value in return. This means that they are willing to give contact information for something that will benefit them. But, they will also expect more when they share more.

Some of the most popular rewards for this kind of loyalty are discounts and giveaways. However, when businesses provide unique ways to increase loyalty, such as offering free WiFi, they capture more attention without cutting into revenue like discounts often do. The following seven benefits will shed more light on how WiFi marketing works and strengthens customer loyalty.

1. More Time in the Store

With free WiFi available, customers spend more time in the store. Why? Because it acts as an additional service. For retailers it means that customers are able to use their smartphone to get information on products faster. This improves the sales process when customers are able to weigh their options and seek alternatives. Restaurants will capture more opportunities for business meetings and cater to people with tablets.

2. Increased Average Transaction

Business owners often fear that customers getting free WiFi will just hang around and take up space. Actually, the opposite is true. More time spent in the store translates into more money spent per customer. In fact, over 50% of customers spend more money.

3. Increased Foot Traffic

Some consumers will base their decisions solely on WiFi availability. This is a service that some customers require and coffee shops have known this for quite some time. But retailers are also seeing an increase in foot traffic when offering free WiFi. The additional service becomes a differentiator among the competition.

4. Know Your Customers

Growing a customer list can be very challenging, especially when people don’t like giving away personal information. With WiFi marketing solutions, businesses are able to gain invaluable customer information when building a loyal, customer following.

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5. Know What Customers Want

Retaining customers is paramount to a business’ success. To avoid expensive customer turnover, they need to understand what customers want. With WiFi marketing, retailers and restaurants can give brief surveys or encourage reviews on social media and customer review websites.

6. Promote Brand Loyalty

WiFi marketing is an additional resource to promote new products and services to new and returning customers. Getting the word out about promotions and events ensures their success.

7. Personalization

Personalization is one of the strongest ways to promote brand loyalty. WiFi marketing creates a personalized experience when it recognizes a returning customer. It can also give them targeted surveys or promotions that make them feel special, deepening their connection. This type of automatic engagement creates loyal customers.

Service-Based Versus Do-It-Yourself

Offering free WiFi requires much more than hardware and connection speeds. There’s a lot more planning and investment involved than the DIY crowd may realize. If not set up properly, it will put a strain on the WiFi that the operation of the business depends upon.

Service-based customer engagement tools, such as SmartConnect, save time and money through a proven marketing solution. They offer support and customization for many of their features. It’s also a great way to implement a rewards program to strengthen the bond between the store and its guests. Best of all, WiFi marketing capitalizes on direct and meaningful interactions with customers, which is incredibly important in today’s competitive environment.

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