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More than just a loyalty or rewards program, our customer engagement tools help you grow your customer list, stay in contact with that list, and give those customers a compelling reason to return to your business. Start turning everyday customers into raving fans of your business.

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Grow your customer list.

Asking customers for their information is a pain. Most of the time you forget to do it, and when you do remember, it’s a half-hearted attempt to get a phone number or email address. The whole thing seems intrusive, and at worst, annoying. But with SmartConnect, you’ll encourage customers to give you their information, without being the bad guy. And you’ll start growing your customer list faster than you ever imagined.

A texted keyword.

Customers will happily text a keyword to you in return for a cash reward, free item, or coupon. Simply advertise the keyword in your store and let them take the initiative. They’ll get something of value and you’ll get their mobile number.

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An iPad on your counter.

Sitting on a stand or your store counter, the tablet kiosk displays an offer that customers can redeem by entering their mobile number on the screen. Casually point out the offer and let the tablet take care of the rest. It really is that easy.

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Your free, in-store WiFi.

Instead of searching high and low for your WiFi password, or worse, getting up to ask you for it, customers can instead access your free, in-store WiFi by providing their mobile number or email address. It’s a much better experience for them, and for you.

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Connect with that list.

7 out 10 customers will leave your business if they feel you don’t care about them. Still, staying in touch with customers via email or text message is probably not at the top of your to-do list. We understand. The whole process is overwhelming and almost impossible to do on your own. That is, until now. With SmartConnect, you’ll easily connect with your customers on a frequent and consistent basis, wherever they are.

On every occasion.

Text and email your customers on their birthday and anniversary. And on holidays. And when they haven’t visited in a while. Automatically. Best of all, the texts and emails have already been written for you. Make simple edits or send just as they are.

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At a moment’s notice or on a schedule.

There are times you need to send a quick one-off text or email to your customers. And other times when you want to send a series of messages at just the right moment. Using our library of templates, send messages to all of your customers or to just a specific group of customers. Schedule delivery now or at any time in the future. You choose.

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Text SMART to 55678.

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Reply HELP for Help. STOP to Cancel.

Give them a reason to return.

Staying in frequent contact with customers is critical. But that alone won’t get them through the doors. To do that, you need to give them a reason to come back. An incentive. Something that shows your appreciation for their business. Forget about a confusing and misleading points system. You need something that provides real value. Customers will return for a good deal and with SmartConnect, you’ll be able to offer plenty of them.

Cash Rewards

It’s a currency that everyone understands. Attach cash rewards to your automated texts and emails so customers can use them for future purchases. Customers can also earn cash rewards on purchases when they join your SmartConnect loyalty program.


Complimentary items are a great way to get customers back to your business. And of course, they are easily attached to your automated texts and emails. Encourage customers to return for an on-the-house product or service that you provide.

Digital Coupons

If you’re still using paper coupons, it’s time to make the switch. Digital coupons have a 77% higher redemption rate, are beautifully designed, and drastically reduce your advertising costs. And it takes just a few clicks to include them in your automated texts and emails.

VIP Loyalty

Not all loyalty is created equal. Establish different levels of rewards for different levels of loyalty (e.g. Silver, Gold, and VIP). By challenging customers to reach the next level, you’ll turn casual store visitors into loyal customers and loyal customers into raving fans of your business.


Reward customers for increasing word of mouth about your business. By including a simple ‘Share’ link in your text and email communications, loyal customers can introduce (and get credit for introducing) your company to their friends and family.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are effective at bringing new and existing customers to your business. Often thought of as “money to burn,” customers with a gift card will spend 20-50% more than they would on a regular visit. They are also a great way to boost cash flow.

Gather valuable feedback.
And serve customers better.

So far things have been pretty one-sided. Sending your customers offers and calling it a day is not enough. They need a way to talk to you. To tell you what you’re doing well and where you need to improve. It helps them and it helps you, because you’re able to understand their needs and then take action to meet those needs. SmartConnect helps you get your customers’ side of the story, quickly and easily.

Rate this, please.

Send rating requests to your customers to gauge your company’s performance. Is a product meeting expectations? Is a service you provide actually helpful? A standard 5-star rating system keeps things simple and encourages customer participation and engagement.

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Mockup image of woman holding white mobile phone with blank desktop screen while drinking coffee in cafe

Time for a survey?

With surveys, you’ll receive in-depth information and feedback from your customers. Learn how they found out about your business. Discover what they like and don’t like. Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers so you can do the things that will keep them coming back.

Feedback on auto-pilot.

Just like texts and emails, we have a library of survey templates, so there’s no need for you to create any content. Sure, you can customize them to your liking or even create one from scratch, but you don’t have to. And surveys can easily be attached to your automated text and emails so you’ll never forget to gather important feedback from your customers.

It works with almost
any type of business.

  • Restaurants

  • Appliance Stores

  • Salons

  • Furniture Stores

  • Cleaners

  • Car Washes

  • Bakeries

  • Electronics Stores

  • Hearth/Patio Stores

  • HVAC Providers

  • Nutrition Stores

  • Mattress Stores

  • Auto Shops/Dealers

  • Spas

  • Health/Skin

Everything in one place.

Most companies use one piece of software for their CRM, another for text/email marketing, and yet another one to manage their loyalty program. There might be even one more to handle customer reviews and surveys. But with SmartConnect, you have it all in one solution. Once you add a customer to the SmartConnect CRM, you can contact them, reward them, and get their feedback with one set of simple tools.

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Here’s what people are saying.

“As someone who works alongside restaurant owners in one of the busiest cities in the Southeast, I have found that this is a great product for restaurants to use in order to stay connected with their customers on a more regular basis. The platform is easy to use, implementation is quick, and the results speak for themselves when you have a full house even on your slower days.”

Tandelyn Daniel
Georgia Hospitality & Foodservice Network

“SmartConnect is a great channel partner with Hive VOC! They offer premium services for all business sizes across a wide variety of industries. They add tremendous value for our members, all while providing excellent customer service.”

Jason Schofield
Hive V.O.C.

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