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Helping small businesses succeed.

Located 20 short minutes from beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida, Smartwerks has been helping businesses for over 35 years.

Our story began at a Stereo Town store in Des Moines, Iowa back in the early 1970s. At that time, there were very few technologies to help growing retailers, like us, gather information about their business. Being innovators by nature, we realized that the only way to solve the problem was to create an integrated business solution ourselves.

After using the product to successfully to run our 50+ stores, we released TylerNet to the market in 1979. Today, it’s still being used in stores across the United States and Canada. In fact, our first customer is still a customer.

Around 2007, we realized the need for a simplified solution that had all of the key features of a more complex system. We created Smartwerks, an integrated Point of Sale, Inventory, and optional Accounting system that is easy to use and helps small to mid-sized specialty retailers compete with the big guys.

In talks with our clients over the past few years, we discovered that a surprising number of store owners have no way to contact customers once they leave the store. Generating repeat business is a consistent and prominent challenge.

Enter SmartConnect, a set of marketing, loyalty, and feedback tools that help companies build their customer list and then communicate with that list via text and email. Using SmartConnect, owners increase repeat business, boost profits, and create raving fans of their business.

Over the years, industries have changed, and we’ve changed with them–while learning a lot in the process. But one thing has not changed: our unwavering goal of providing software solutions that make you smarter about your company and help you make better business decisions. Decisions that result in company success and growth.

*SmartConnect is powered by FanConnect.

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