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Located 20 short minutes from beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida, Smartwerks, Inc. has been helping businesses for over 35 years.

We created SmartConnect to give business owners a way to stay in contact with their customers through text message.

In 2020, very few people want to be contacted by phone. And because most everyone has a flooded inbox, email is just not as effective as it used to be. Thankfully, text messaging has changed the game.

With text, you can reach customers wherever they are. Did you know that people check their phones an average of 85 times a day? And almost all texts are read within 2 minutes of receiving them? Text messages also have an open rate of 98%, which is 60% higher than that of email.

Some SMS services only let you send messages to your subscribers. But we believe two-way conversations are the only way to provide customers with the type of attention they are looking for. With SmartConnect, customers can reply to your texts, send you a new text, and engage in a 2-way live chat with you, all from their normal texting app.

SmartConnect is loaded with features. Schedule text message deliveries months in advance. Or set up a series of autoresponders to keep new subscribers engaged. By sending automatic appointment reminders through text, you’ll keep the number of missed visits to a minimum. Offer SMS contests with valuable prizes. Or get the opinion of your customers with a quick poll.

To develop a loyal following, you must engage your customers on all parts of their journey: before they visit, while they’re in the store, and after the sale. SmartConnect helps you do this with just a tiny effort on your part.

Start texting your customers.

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