Birthday Marketing: A Proven Way to Get Customers Into Your Business

birthday marketing

One of the keys to an outstanding customer experience is personalization, and birthday marketing is the easiest way to start. This popular trend is often seen in restaurants, but many fine retail brands also have a birthday marketing campaign going.

These require you to get-to-know your customer a little more, which means gathering some of their personal information. Skeptical about this? Getting their personal information is not as hard as you may think. A recent survey showed that almost 70% of the participants would be willing to share personal information, such as birthday, email, and product preferences, in exchange for promotions and discounts. Consumers trust these programs when they can clearly see the value in sharing their information.

Opportunity for Personalization

Personalization allows your marketing to be more relevant and provide unique experiences for customers. Yet most businesses have not made it a priority, which is unfortunate because more consumers are now expecting it. This is a major opportunity for retail and restaurant businesses to capitalize upon to grow their market share.

Why Birthday Marketing?

Recognition of personal milestones, like birthdays, is an authentic gesture. Customers respond better to authentic marketing messages with marketing activities geared toward personal milestones, such as anniversaries and birthdays. Best of all, everyone has a birthday and they often celebrate it with other people.

It’s a great opportunity for businesses to personalize their marketing and extend their reach for new customers while catering to loyal ones. Below is a list of 10 ways you can reach out to your loyal customers on their birthday.

1. Loyalty Programs

Some loyalty programs, such as SmartConnect, will do all of the work for you. These automated services are customizable and allow you to provide that personal touch loyal customers deserve. They make customer engagement easier than ever.

2. Direct Mail

Because of advances in technology, direct mail has become a cost effective method to target customers. And it has a higher response rate than email marketing. Plus, you can personalize every piece that goes out, using customers’ first names and discounts on favorite products and services.

3. Social Media

You can reach out directly to customers using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. This is also a great way to promote your birthday marketing campaign, so more people will take advantage of the freebies and discounts available.

4. Your Website

This works in two ways. It promotes your birthday program and reminds customers about the awesome benefits of being a loyal customer.

5. Handwritten Birthday Cards

These don’t have to be mailed. They can also be handed out to customers when they come into the store. Just make sure you and your employees have signed it along with a handwritten message—it’s a much more sincere thing to do.

6. Train Your Employees

Have them ask the simple question, “Are we celebrating a special occasion, today?” If they are, then offer them a typical birthday gift or discount. It’s a great way to show how you value their business.

7. Celebrate Your Birthday

Your business’ birthday is an important day, too. So make sure you celebrate it with free stuff and chances for discounts on special items. Make a cake. Have fun with this one. It also shows new customers how they can benefit from your birthday rewards program.

8. Email

Did you know that email has an average return of $38 for every dollar spent? The return on investment is one reason why it’s still a popular option. It’s also part of the marketing mix of activities to remind loyal customers about their birthday rewards.

9. Charitable Donation

Not everyone can take advantage of their birthday discounts. When that happens, you can let them know that in honor of their birthday you made a donation to a charitable cause. This could be done once a month and customers can be notified via email to save costs.

10. Monthly Contest

Anyone with a birthday for that month can be entered in a contest to win. This is also a great way to gather personal information. Just remember to reward them for participating.

Personalization Equals Deeper Engagement

Through personalization you’re able to build a deeper connection with your customers. Birthday marketing is the easy first step in making that connection.

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