Inventory Control


You’ve chosen to invest in your store’s inventory to provide for your financial future. So Inventory Control is one of the most important aspects of your business.

Is this investment earning the rate of return that you planned?
Do you know what your optimal inventory value should be?
What are your turns and gross margins by Brand, Department, Product Type and Item?
Could you identify a likely substitute product for a customer when her original choice is unavailable?
When an item is recalled, can you identify the serial numbers affected?
If a part is in different places, are you aware of the quantity in each location?


With Inventory Maintenance, categorize items by Brand, Department, and Product Type to give you better control over your inventory.

Sales Price Level

Three sales price levels can be automatically maintained for each item, and can be calculated by entering a desired gross margin, percentage of MSRP or markup from cost. Smartwerks gives you the ability to track your inventory in each store or truck.

You’ll see how many pieces in all locations are on hand, on display, damaged, available for sale, committed to customers, on order, and in transit to or from another site. Optimum stock levels can also be designated by location.

Monitor Stock Levels for All Branches

Get an up to date look at the merchandise stock levels across all of your branches, including On Order and In Process transfers between branches. Complete purchase history for an item is instantly accessible, including customer information, date sold, price, invoice data and serial number.

View Transaction History

Take a look at the complete sales history for any item you sell. Double-click the Invoice Number to view the full invoice.

We know that information provided to your salespeople can make a difference when attempting to close a sale, and may increase your gross profit through add-on sales. The smartwerks inventory file allows you to enter accessories associated with an item, features of that item and potential alternate choices for your customers. An image of the product is also displayed at Point of Sale.

Add An Image of the Item

If desired, you can add a photo of the item to the inventory record. When this item is entered on a Sales Order, the image will appear on the screen.

Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools necessary to increase your turns, margins and profitability. Our professional support staff can assist you with inventory classifications which will enhance the value of our excellent inventory analysis and purchasing reports.

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