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Improve the key areas of your company.

With Smartwerks complete POS, you’ll focus on the things that lead directly to business growth.

Bring in More Customers

With Smartwerks Rewards, bring in new business and reward loyal customers all at once. With a built-in customer directory and purchase history, provide value to existing customers and turn them into raving fans.

Spend Less on Inventory

Reduce overhead and increase cash flow by purchasing the right amount of the right products. With accurate information on what’s selling and what’s not, eliminate the products collecting dust–and costing you money.

Know Your Best Employees

Too much time and money is spent on employees who are a bad fit. Know your top performers and identify the ones who are struggling. Track employee activity and control the parts of the software they can access.

All of the tools you need.

Smartwerks is fully-equipped to handle situations specific to the mattress industry. Unlike many other POS providers with over-simplified products, our fully-integrated system comes with the tools to process much more than just basic carry-out transactions.

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Feature-rich and simple to use.

Smartwerks is a cloud-based retail POS system that has everything you need to build a bigger business.

  • Standard and Mobile POS

  • Sales Quotes

  • Customer Deposits & Layaway

  • Item, Customer, & Invoice Search

  • 24/7 Support

  • Delivery Processing

  • Special Order

  • Single-Ticket Exchanges

  • EMV Compliance

  • Digital Receipts

  • Full Accounting App (optional)

  • Third Party Financing

  • Rewards Program

  • Powerful Analytics

  • Barcode Integration

“I am a very happy customer. The program thinks of everything. Once it is all understood and up and running, it literally does everything any business owner could possibly want or need. This includes the accounting end, which tracks everything for you. It’s just so easy to use!! The cost is super competitive. I have a very specialized type of business and priced all of their competitors. My suggestion is not to even waste time looking at the other options. Let them do a demo for you and you see all that you need!”

Julie LaFond, Mattress by Appointment, Atlanta, GA

Deliveries simplified.

Product deliveries are handled beautifully with Smartwerks mattress store POS. Start the transaction in your store and complete it at the customer’s residence. Take a deposit or if necessary, offer a layaway option. Our optional Accounting app seamlessly handles the financials.

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Inventory optimized.

Always be up to speed on the products that are selling and the ones that aren’t. You’ll also know how much each product is costing you and most importantly, the margins you’re making. Smartwerks also suggests products to include on your next purchase order. Become an inventory expert in no time.

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“Smartwerks has been a great tool for my company during this time of growth. We have expanded from one mattress store to four, with a fifth opening in a couple of months. Smartwerks has allowed me to control my inventory cost and levels at every store during this exciting yet difficult time. I don’t think I would have been able to manage this expansion without the help of Smartwerks.”

Mike Conner, America’s Mattress Owner, Pensacola, FL

Customers rewarded.

Your customers can earn discount dollars toward future purchases in two ways. To reward loyalty, customers can earn discounts on each purchase they make in your store. They can also earn discounts by referring friends, family, or acquaintances to your business. We like to call this “word of mouth, with an incentive.”

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Speedier sales.

Process sales faster than ever before. With Smartwerks Easy Sales, free yourself from the counter and take the transaction to the sales floor. Look up product information or an item’s price instantly. Gather valuable customer information in just seconds.

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Insights and more insights.

Smartwerks reporting tools help you keep track of all aspects of your business. Know your best customers and what they’re buying. Discover how much profit you’re making from each item. Learn who your best employees are. Instead of just guessing, start making business decisions based on solid data.

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“Our sales have increased as our staff can now see inventories across multiple locations, giving them the ability to close the sale and meet customer needs. Smartwerks is easy to learn and train sales people on the ease of use. Their support staff has been excellent to work with and very responsive.”

Dave, Factory Mattress Discount, Spring, TX

Success Story:
Sleep Cheap Mattresses

With three locations, Sleep Cheap Mattresses offers popular brands in home furnishings at guaranteed low prices. Since their transition to Smartwerks complete POS, Sleep Cheap has gained control of their business. They now can see the weaknesses and strengths of their operations, helping them adjust sales and inventory, and allowing them to compete against national mattress and furniture chains.

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A complete mattress store POS solution.

Run Multiple Locations

No matter the size of your company or the number of stores, Smartwerks can help you control and improve your business.

Access From Anywhere

Since Smartwerks mattress store POS is cloud-based, you can focus on your business while we take care of the technical stuff.

Save Valuable Time

Smartwerks takes care of many of the routine, day-to-day tasks that drain your energy and waste so much of your time.

Accept Chip Cards

Avoid chargeback fees and create a secure credit card processing environment for your customers with EMV integration.

24/7 Personalized Support

We help you get up and running and whenever you need extra assistance, we’re just a phone call (or email) away.

Discounted molded foam pillows.

Smartwerks has partnered with Remarkable Pillow to provide discounted molded foam pillows to our mattress and sleep store customers. Remarkable Pillow’s line of products help you reach REM sleep faster, allowing you experience more of the deep sleep your body needs. For more information on this partnership, please contact us.

See it in action.

In this video, discover how Smartwerks helps you:

  • Process sales faster and more accurately.

  • Bring in new customers and keep the ones you have.

  • Manage your employees better.

  • Spend money on the right products.

  • Use powerful analytics to make smarter decisions.

“I decided to go with Smartwerks software, and it has proven to be a great decision. It is easy to train new employees, and I love the way it keeps track of my inventory. The staff is very helpful and accommodating.”

Kim, Kim’s Fine Jewelry, Summerville, SC


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