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Watch Demo Video

“I am a very happy customer. The program thinks of everything. Once it is all understood and up and running, it literally does everything any business owner could possibly want or need. This includes the accounting end, which tracks everything for you. It’s just so easy to use!! The cost is super competitive. I have a very specialized type of business and priced all of their competitors. My suggestion is not to even waste time looking at the other options. Let them do a demo for you and you see all that you need!”

Julie LaFond

Mattress by Appointment
Atlanta, GA

“I am truly grateful that we met at the trade show in Vegas a year ago. You and the staff have given me the tools to bring control over my business now and in the future. Your business culture, service and attitude is second to none with any company that I’ve dealt with in my career. Smartwerks allows a mom and pop shop to operate like a Fortune 500 company (been part of one).

The product is intuitive and easy to use. Our accountant loves working with it and says it saves on billable hours over QuickBooks for her services. It’s easy to train employees on and get them up and running (keywords are important).

As far as working with the Smartwerks team, they are unbeatable! Everyone is a real person, is down to earth, and truly has an interest in success. Constant product development to improve the product and adapt to industry trends. Hands down best money spent!”

Erik Brown

Rivermist Vapor
Havasu City, AZ


“Smartwerks has been a great tool for my company during this time of growth. We have expanded from one mattress store to four with a fifth opening in a couple of months. Smartwerks has allowed me to control my inventory cost and levels at every store during this exciting yet difficult time. I don’t think I would have been able to manage this expansion without the help of Smartwerks.”

Mike Conner

America’s Mattress Owner
Pensacola, FL


“Our sales have increased as our staff can now see inventories across multiple locations, giving them the ability to close the sale and meet customer needs. Smartwerks is easy to learn and train sales people on the ease of use. Support staff has been excellent to work with and very responsive.”


“Smartwerks has made tracking our jewelry inventory hassle free. Everything is at our finger tips- inventory, customer information, vendor accounting, you name it. Everything is easily accessible on the cloud based software system. I’ve never been more pleased with a POS software. After 30 years of business, we are definitely sticking with Smartwerks!

Smartwerks went out of their way to train our company with the software. The tech support department is available 24/7. They have helped us solve any issue or answer any question swiftly without the headache hassle you expect when calling a Tech Line.”

David Pierson

David Pierson Designs
Covington, LA


“I opened my jewelry store one year ago. I decided to go with Smartwerks software, and it has proven to be a great decision. It is easy to train new employees, and I love the way it keeps track of my inventory. The staff is very helpful and accommodating. They have even made changes to suit our needs. Customer support is always available. I would recommend Smartwerks to anyone that is looking for a competent program that is user-friendly.”


Kim’s Fine Jewelry
Summerville, SC


“From our very first conversation with the sales team at Smartwerks, they understood our needs, our inexperience with a computerized system and our budget constraints. They were very patient with us as we asked numerous questions, but we realized quickly that this simple yet effective system was the right choice for us. Our dealings with Smartwerks have been smooth and pleasant. Our account executive has been very responsive to our questions and the staff is always willing to provide guidance and answers to our various “start up” issues.”


Community Synagogue Gift Shop
Port Washington, NY


“The system is easy to use and is quick, so you can check out multiple customers fast. Set-up and training was not difficult.”


Vitamins 4 Less
Lake Wylie, SC


“Smartwerks has provided a great tool for us to manage our business more effectively. We can now see immediately what we have, how it’s moving and what margins we are making. The Smartwerks team is very receptive to feedback and actively takes time to understand how they can improve their system to make it even more relevant to our business and industry.”

Julie Thomas

Bob’s Hobby Center
Orlando, FL


“I have been using Smartwerks since the opening of my business December 2012. I spent about 6 weeks looking for the right software and decided to try out Smartwerks based on the features offered and the excellent communication and fast responses to all of my questions by Patrick at Smartwerks.

Learning how to use the software is very easy. Sandy and William did an awesome job showing me how everything worked. Adding inventory, making changes, and managing customers is very simple.

I am really happy with the decision that I made and now that we have expanded to a second location, the cloud based system that they use is a must. With it, we can view in real time, any of our locations history along with keeping one customer database that covers as many locations as we decide to open in the future.”


Vapin’ Apes
Cape Coral, FL


“Give Smartwerks a try. It’s very easy to use software and their customer care is very helpful with any support you may need.”


Purple Cloudz Vape Shop
Bartow, FL


“For people that are detail oriented, this system offers quite a bit on the back end for reporting and accounting, and paired with the excellent support they offer as a whole the program works great for us. Many software companies have a tendency to make people feel inferior because of their vast knowledge of computers, but this is not something you have to worry about with the people at Smartwerks.

If you’re using a point of sales company now, and you like the features it has but are not satisfied with the service that you receive, Smartwerks is right for you.”


Vapin N Valpo Hobart Portage
Valparaiso, IN

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In this video, discover how Smartwerks helps you:

  • Process sales faster and more accurately.

  • Bring in new customers and keep the ones you have.

  • Manage your employees better.

  • Spend money on the right products.

  • Use powerful analytics to make smarter decisions.

“I decided to go with Smartwerks software, and it has proven to be a great decision. It is easy to train new employees, and I love the way it keeps track of my inventory. The staff is very helpful and accommodating.”

Kim, Kim’s Fine Jewelry, Summerville, SC


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