Support Services

We have a new number for after hours support calls.

For issues that arise after business hours that need immediate support such as not being able to process sales, please call 727.481.5275 for assistance. Our offices are open  Monday – Friday 8:30-5:30 EST excluding holidays.

If you use Century Business Solutions for your merchant services account, and need their support the number is, 888 500-7798.

At Smartwerks we are committed not only to delivering POS Point of Sale, Inventory Control and Accounting technology solutions to our customers, but also to supporting their practical application in the shop, office or warehouse. Our support services are available via telephone, online and e-mail.

Specialty Retailers across North America rely on us to track their inventory, manage vendors and so sell their goods online and on the Sales Floor. From the beginning, we have focused on improving bottom line profits by enabling retailers to make better buying and selling decisions. We have pioneered much of the POS technology being used today in retail automation by integrating Inventory Control, real-time Point of Sale, and Accounting into one complete solution.

We are committed to deliver POS Point of Sale solutions technology. We also support POS Solutions’ practical applications in your Retail Store, office and warehouse.

POS Support Services

To this end, we hire, develop and maintain a professional in-house and field training staff.

      • Our sole mission is to provide the best possible customer service in the Retail Software industry.
      • Telephone, Online and E-Mail support are available both inside and outside of normal business hours.
      • Our E-Learning Center is open 24/7.


We understand the importance of training. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the resources necessary for a successful implementation of the SmartwerksUSA programs.

These resources include easy-to understand printed documentation available on our website along with video tutorials and online training sessions of the primary software programs.

We mean it when we say Smartwerks is reliable, easy and smart.

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