7 Employee Perks That Won’t Break the Bank

workplace perks

Yes, you can incentivize your employees to be more productive through simple workplace perks that won’t hurt your bottom line. Supporting their extracurricular activities and community involvement engages with them on a more personal level. Best of all, employees who take advantage of these benefits feel a deeper connection with their work and their employer.

Employee Benefits Increase Morale

In addition to your employee health care and retirement benefits, alternative benefits can be cost conscious, so they don’t come with a tremendous amount of expense. Ask your employees to see what interests them. Deciding which perks are best can be fun, because you should take advantage of them, too. Then, make sure you have a system in place to account for the new benefits in order to take advantage of possible tax breaks (which means talk to your accountant, too).

Here are 7 employee benefits with proven track records to improve morale and build a connection between them and your company:

1. Flexible Schedule

Offering your employees the ability to have a better work-life balance shows that you respect their time with and away from their families. Whether it’s working from home, or working a longer shift for a shorter one later, employees need to spend quality time with their loved ones.

2. Gym Membership Reimbursement

Encouraging your employees to stay fit is a great way to reduce sick days and create a positive atmosphere. Regular exercise is proven to chase away the Monday blues and increase energy. Some gyms offer corporate discounts or employee wellness programs.

3. Company Lunch

Catering or sponsoring a weekly lunch for your employees is a great way to save them some time and a few bucks. This also allows them to take a break together and socialize, instead of going their separate ways.

4. Training / Professional Development

Employees who want to learn a new skill are a valuable asset to the company. Cross-training and development programs help further their careers, while increasing employee engagement.

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5. Recognition

For the employees that go above and beyond, a simple reward shows appreciation for the extra efforts they put in. One great tip for this reward is to make it unique and appealing to the individual. Monetary gifts are great for those who need it, while others may appreciate company tickets to a sporting event.

6. Volunteer Days

Unfortunately, personal and work schedules are already too busy for employees to volunteer. Giving them a half, or full-day off allows them to give back to the community in their own special way. It shows your support of their causes, and you care about their work-life balance.

7. Pet Friendly

Animals are proven stress relievers. Allowing employees to bring their furry loved ones to work is a fun perk for everyone. Not all workplaces can do this, but if they can, it certainly improves employee morale. Many retail shops in pet friendly cities have found that customers feel more relaxed when greeted by a furry-friend.

Staying within Your Budget

Small businesses can afford many of these low-cost to no-cost options for their employees. Some can get expensive when used more frequently, such as the lunches. Stay within your budget so it gives you as much of a good feeling as it does for your employees. Ask them for their input and make them part of the process for any changes to the workplace perks. It’s all about them and what makes them happy, which translates into higher productivity.

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