Here’s How Your Business Can Get Involved in the Community

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Many small retailers have little time to spend away from their business, especially when they get started. Their everyday tasks may keep them from expanding their knowledge base, building connections, or offering support to those in need. Ironically, getting involved in community organizations can take up a lot of time, but it can also benefit your business and give one a sense of fulfillment.

Are you thinking about getting involved in your community, but don’t have the time? One of the best reasons to make time is to think of it as an investment in you and your business. Being actively involved in your community means committing to organizations that align with your beliefs. Best of all, there are different ways you can contribute to causes that matter to you.

It’s Good for Business

Getting involved in your community can build lasting partnerships with like-minded people. With more visibility, your brand awareness grows in a very positive way. According to Forbes magazine, millennials prefer to shop at socially aware businesses. And, they are willing to spend more to support it.

Types of Service

Typically, business owners are pegged to serve community organizations as board members, because they possess expert financial or operational knowledge. Some of the best business-oriented organizations are within city or county business councils. These will keep you informed of economic conditions and legislative affairs. Akin to serving on a board would be joining a community leadership group, where business leaders come together to address economic and civic needs within their community.

Events and festivals are major fundraisers for many community organizations. Supporting one can be a great way to promote your business. This also creates a positive, stronger connection between your business and the people at these events. You could also host an event of your own. This is a great way to bring other businesses together from your personal network for a good cause.

Volunteering is another way to serve that directly benefits individuals in your community. To volunteer as a mentor helps those less fortunate develop important skills for everyday life. Other organizations need your time to do the little things that matter. Whether it’s in a food bank or homeless shelter, time and energy make a difference in someone’s life.

Contributions and Fund Drives

If your time is in short supply, then donating money or products to local organizations will help the community grow stronger. This is where your business may benefit through tax deductions.

Today, it’s simple to set up a fund drive for a good cause through a site like GoFundMe passes 100% of all donations on to the recipients, capturing a minor fee on each transaction that’s paid for by the person donating (because there may be tax implications, you should talk to your account prior to setting up a fund drive).

Marketing Your Involvement

Social media is a great place to let your customers know about your involvement in community organizations. Another way is to have an approved donation box by the sales counter, or you can simply make a sign that states what you do for the organization and how they can help. This way you can rally more people to your cause and strengthen your brand.

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