how do you attract millennials to your store

How Do You Attract Millennials to Your Store?

It’s no easy feat for your specialty store to create a unique shopping experience for millennial shoppers. First, you need to identify your store’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, you’ll need to do some research on what attracts millennials the most. Once you get a well-rounded picture of them, you’ll know how to capture their attention and turn them into repeat customers.

Start with Technology

Most millennials are in their thirties. Technology has been a major influence and touches every aspect of their lives. You can enhance their in-store experience by using technology that fits their needs:

  • Large screen displays
  • Free in-store WiFi
  • Tablet kiosks to search for products
  • Digital price tags and signage

All of these appeal to millennials because they make their shopping experience more convenient. Even if your store has a retro-theme, you can pair it with current technology to make a better overall experience.

For physical stores, millennials love systems that make payments easy. They prefer fast and friendly transactions and rarely use cash. Plus, you need to process returns without making it a hassle. This is where it’s important to have an automated point of sale that does all of this in a quick and seamless manner. Don’t make them wait too long in line, because they are more likely to abandon their shopping cart than any other generation.

Online Shopping, Not Buying

They have grown up in the age of the internet and use a wide variety of devices that keep them connected. Millennials do almost everything online, but they still prefer to shop at physical stores. So, most of their research is done online prior to leaving their home.

To capture their attention, you need a strong online presence. Your website should still be a priority, but they need to be able to find you in more than just one place. Online reviews and social media play a major role in their finding out more about you. It’s your online presence that will pull them toward your store.

Social Media Inside the Store

To get more interest on social media, make your physical store conducive for millennials to post while shopping. Start by giving them discounts for interacting with your page. You can also have creative signage or props for them to use. This will encourage them to make recommendations, compare products, or just be themselves. Make sure that they mix it up, so have them post to a range of social media platforms.

Influencing Millennial Shoppers

Once you understand their habits, likes, and dislikes, you’ll be able to have more influence over millennials that shop at your store. This insight allows you to engage with them on their level and adapt to their ever-changing lifestyle. They love it when brands show an interest in the latest trends and what they care about most, such as social or environmental causes.

More importantly, millennials favor convenience and quality over price. You’re an expert on the products and services you provide. They want to see your expertise on display, whether it’s online or in the store. That’s what separates you from your competition. By educating them, you’ll be saving them time and money, because your store is unique and the best place to shop.

Millennials Want an Experience

These tactics will help you influence millennials, but the first thing you need to do research their shopping habits, common tastes, and preferences. Plus, you want to give them a fun and memorable experience. Your store needs to be a place where they shop and socialize. When you do, you’ll win the hearts of this generation.

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