Contest Marketing Strategies Work for Your Business

Everyone loves to win. Your customers included. Contests and sweepstakes can be big winners for your business, too. Used by companies of all sizes, they attract attention and followers on social media and can be used to increase your brand’s reach to new customers.

The excitement and recognition from a contest build brand awareness. You already know that keeping your customers engaged is great for your business, but what can a contest do for you?

Interactive Contest Marketing Builds Business

Contest marketing has a lot to offer. Contests drive traffic to your website or store. They also increase your chances of making a sale. But that is only a couple of the benefits.

Here is a list of some of the perks of interactive contest marketing:

  1. It’s Interactive – Shared via SMS, QR codes, and social media, contests, and sweepstakes increase customer engagement by inviting your customers and the general public to enter. People get excited about the thought of winning, which is a positive way to promote your brand. They also love the opportunity to have some fun and possibly get something cool.
  2. Marketing for Less – Contests don’t have to be expensive. Promoting your contest via SMS and social media keeps costs low. Comments and shares on social media encourage user-generated content as your customers and followers share their entries on social media. Let your customers and fans do the marketing for you by spreading the word. Giving away products or services builds a positive experience with your brand and brings in viable leads.
  3. Market Research – You can learn a lot about your customers for the cost of your prize and a little of your time. People are willing to share a good bit of information for a chance to win a prize. You can gather email addresses and contact information and encourage participants to sign up for notifications of future promotions. They may also share information about interests and habits that help develop marketing strategies and optimize customer service.
  4. Empower Brand Advocates – For your customers, giveaways feel like a little extra love from their favorite brand. A happy customer is the best advertisement out there. Even if they don’t win, customers are likely to go away feeling motivated to share their experience with your product or service. When customers share, your company wins.
  5. Build Fanbase – Running a contest has the potential to attract new customers. This builds a new fanbase through contest marketing and by word of mouth. According to HubSpot, brands that host contest marketing campaigns bring in an average of 34% new fans per contest. Increasing your following by a third is great for business!

Marketing Your Contest

The best place to start your marketing campaign is with your current customer base because the customer you already have is the most valuable one. Using information gleaned from your point of sale, loyalty programs, and bulk SMS marketing, you can get the word out about your new contest. Well-placed QR codes bring in new entries, as do social media marketing and word of mouth.

Contest Marketing is Worth It

Contests spark interest and engagement in your customer base and can help you expand into new markets. In today’s fast-paced business world, every interaction is a competition, and your customer is the prize.

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