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Smartwerks EMV POS System.

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Now is the perfect time to start accepting EMV chip cards. Smartwerks has teamed with RUPractical Business Solutions to provide an integrated and cost effective EMV chip card processing solution for your business. Create a more secure payment environment in your store. Reduce fraud risk for your customers and avoid large chargeback fees.

What is EMV?

Named after the companies that developed it (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa), EMV is a more secure way of paying with a credit card. When completing a purchase, customers insert their chip card into an EMV credit card reader instead of swiping the magnetic stripe on the back of the card.

Exit the magstripe.

In 2014, 31.8 million US consumers experienced credit card fraud. Much of the blame has been placed on the outdated magnetic stripe (magstripe) technology used by credit cards. Magstripes store important payment information that can be easily stolen and duplicated to create fraudulent cards.

emv pos system

emv pos system

Enter the chip card.

On an EMV chip card, payment information is stored on a secure microchip instead of the magstripe. During a transaction, a unique token is saved to the chip while the owner’s financial information remains hidden. At this time, chip cards still contain a magstripe for compatibility with non-EMV card readers.

Why should I change to EMV?

New Visa and MasterCard regulations require that all businesses move to EMV technology. For non-compliant companies, the liability for fraudulent activity is placed on the business owner instead of the bank. Currently, this includes chargeback fees as well as the responsibility of replacing the funds from fraud losses. Non-compliance also affects your customers. As chip cards become the standard, customers will begin to lose confidence in businesses that do not offer secure payment options.

A smooth transition for mobile and desktop.

The team here at Smartwerks will work with you to ensure that your move to EMV compliance is as smooth as possible. Whether you use a mobile or desktop device to accept customer payments, we have an EMV device for you. Both are integrated with Smartwerks for the best possible processing experience.



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