JUNE 25, 2018

Largo, Florida – Smartwerks® has completed an innovative redesign of their point of sale software. This upgrade positions them as an industry leader with an all-in-one solution for specialty stores.

“Our customers spoke, and we listened,” said Patrick Kunish, Director of Sales for Smartwerks. “Our goal was to add more features to the sales screen, while keeping it user friendly, so they could easily handle bigger ticket items and complex transactions.”

With many new features, like Quick Items and Multiple Ticket Types, sales clerks spend more time helping customers and less time processing transactions and returns. Research has shown that brick-and-mortar stores are more successful when customers spend less time at the cash register. Better experiences translate into repeat business and more recommendations.

The initial response has been very positive. “The new sales screens are easier to use,” explained Zane, owner of Mattress Savvy in Richmond, Virginia. Customers will experience a more intuitive design than before that also makes it easier to train employees.

To simplify transactions at the checkout counter, Smartwerks’ Easy Sales screen has one-click features for popular items and the ability to put exchange items on a single ticket. Managing inventory and employees is even easier with built-in search functions and sales analytics. Retailers can stay on top of their inventory while rewarding their salespeople for a job well done.

Smartwerks has made setting up deliveries and taking deposits as easy to process as carry-out purchases. And, with the new Invoice Notes feature and the option to edit item descriptions during checkout, retailers don’t need to take handwritten notes or shuffle around notebooks to find the right information. They can add delivery and product notes directly into their invoices. Because of Smartwerks’ multiple ticket feature, specialty stores and other retailers have more options to benefit their customers, while avoiding time consuming paperwork.

Customers are often looking for the best pricing available. This redesign allows retailers to open a delivery ticket and offer sales quotes on products and services. Then, they can quickly access and process the transaction when the customer is ready. Retailers are constantly looking at ways they can expand their market and find new customers. One way to do this is to offer 3rd party financial, like the big-box stores do. Smartwerks makes it easy to process 3rd party financing on major purchases.

Largo, Florida based Smartwerks and sister company TylerNet have provided best-in-class point of sale solutions for over 30 years. Their cloud-based point of sale software is a great fit for specialty retailers with single or multiple locations, because they can process complex transactions, as well as providing accounting functions for quick reports on accounts payable and profit and loss statements. It’s an all-in-one solution that’s combined with personalized support, making them a leader in the point of sale industry.


Patrick Kunish, Director of Sales
1-888-882-1530 x107
4625 East Bay Drive Suite 201
Clearwater, FL 33764