JULY 30, 2016

Clearwater, Florida – In the highly competitive point of sale (POS) market, Smartwerks® ranks in the top ten for retail accounting software, according to Software Advice ( More than a simple cash register, today’s point of sale software provides inventory management, sales data, and a centralized accounting of financial data.

Accounting functions within a POS software provide true asset, liability, and revenue values, allowing owners and employees to focus more time on their customers. The accounting functions in Smartwerks POS differentiate it as a leader among other national brands.

Ask any small business owner how they feel about their accounting software and they will cringe. They have spent many late nights in front of the glow of a computer screen entering data into their accounting software. The tedium of entering financial data or transferring information from one software to another takes away their valuable time spent with family. Also, mistakes often arise during manual entry of all those line items. Miss one number and all of the financial reporting is thrown off.

Choosing a POS software with accounting functionality gives small retailers the ability to operate their business like a big-box retailer. Deposits and partial payments on layaway sales are placed in a customer account, excluding them from sales tax records. Once delivery is confirmed, the sales move automatically to the general ledger. The ten minutes spent on entering a single transaction is saved through Smartwerks automation. During the course of a year, the time saved on data entry can add up to more than two weeks.

Mobile computing and cloud based software has changed the way we do business. Smartwerks POS has capitalized on this trend, offering customer an all-in-one system. “Salespeople can spend more time with their customers,” said Patrick Kunish, Smartwerks’ Director of Sales. “Advantages are checking product availability and writing sales orders on the floor without abandoning the customer.” These functions create a better customer experience through reduced time spent on transactions and real-time inventory control.

“Delivery services use mobile technology to locate their destinations, make changes to orders if necessary and confirm the delivery.” Instantaneous sales data and accounting of expenses and revenue allows retailers to understand their business and understand their customers. They can see trends and forecast the next quarter or year.

Smartwerks and sister company TylerNet® have listened to the needs of their customers for over three decades. Through valuable input, Smartwerks has increased the functionality of their POS software to enable retailers to become more productive. And, its easy enough to learn in only a few hours versus the hundreds of hours spent buried in paperwork. Taking advantage of a time-saving software means small business owners can better manage their work-life balance.


Patrick Kunish, Director of Sales
4625 East Bay Drive Suite 201
Clearwater, FL 33764