Point of Sale FAQ

What is the difference between a cash register and a Point of Sale system?

A point of sale system is very similar to a cash register in that it allows you to make sales and cash is exchanged. However a cash register does not allow you to easily manage your Inventory, perform returns and exchanges, allow the use of bar-code scanners or provide you with a suite of reports you can use to understand your Web based POS Point of Sale software systems provide you with all of these functions.

Is Smartwerks POS Point of Sale Web Based?


How can Smartwerks Point of Sale help increase my profits?

Smartwerks contains many reports with specific information about your company. These reports reveal the answers to many questions that business owners have, such as “What has my profit been for the past six months or the past year?”, “How much have we spent on payroll or utilities over the past three months?” and “Which Product Type is most profitable?”. The Smartwerks reports show owners exactly where the money is being spent, which customers have provided the most income, which customers have a history of not paying on time and which products outperform others. Analyzing these reports, a business can accurately decide upon a reasonable plan of action to become more profitable.

Is Smartwerks Point of Sale able to save me time?

Smartwerks can save a business time in many ways. All information entered at point-of-sale is fully integrated to the Inventory, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger functions within Smartwerks. Cost of Goods Sold is automatically calculated, inventory quantities are updated and a business is warned when the minimum desired quantity has been reached. Undelivered sales are tracked and can be analyzed by expected delivery date to ensure that product is not ordered too far in advance. Accounts Receivable statements can be generated at any time with a simple click – No more waiting until the end of the month!

I’m currently waiting a couple of months for financial reports from my accountant. This has made it hard to react to increases in expenses and changes in profits. How can Smartwerks Point of Sale help?

All of the General Ledger information in Smartwerks is “up to the minute” and, unlike many software systems, can display transaction detail rather than “batch” information. The Income Statement and Balance Sheet can be viewed at any time, providing an immediate “heads up” to a business owner when Payroll or Accounts Payable increase, or sales/profits decrease. Action can then be taken to change the course as troublesome patterns emerge.

Smartwerks Point of Sale Software Headquarter ' In Clearwater, Florida.

Smartwerks Headquarters ‘ In Clearwater, Florida.

If I use the Smartwerks Point of Sale System do I need Quickbooks or any other accounting software?

No.  Smartwerks is a complete software package.  The accounting module is integrated with the operational modules, point of sale, inventory and purchasing.  There is no need to export data to a separate accounting package to find out how your business is doing.  All of the accounting information is available in real time with Smartwerks.

How do I transfer my inventory items into the Smartwerks inventory module?

If you are using another software package, you can export the inventory information from your existing inventory master file to an excel spreadsheet.  If your current system doesn’t enable you to export this data, or you are operating a manual system, Smartwerks will provide a spreadsheet template and guide you through the process of entering the appropriate information.

What about training and ongoing support?

We’ve designed Smartwerks Point of Sale to make it easy to learn and use.  We offer both online and onsite training to meet our customer’s individual requirements.  We understand that our success depends upon your success.

How long does it take to get going?

It depends upon the size of your business and your commitment to the process.  The software is easy to learn.  Most single store operations can be up and running within 2 weeks.  We are committed to helping you to successfully implement Smartwerks.

How often is Smartwerks Point of Sale updated, and what is the cost?

We are constantly striving to make Smartwerks better.  Our 30+ years of experience has taught us to listen to our customers.  We release the enhancements (updates) quarterly or more frequently, depending upon our customers’ needs.  The cost is included in our monthly subscription fee.

Can I operate several locations using Smartwerks Point of Sale?

Yes.  Smartwerks will work in a single store or multiple store environment.  The software is designed to provide information that will enable you to analyze performance on a company-wide or individual store basis.

Can I access Smartwerks Point of Sale with my mobile device?

If you have access to the internet on a laptop or tablet, you will be able to access Smartwerks.  You will know how your store is doing in real time.  Anywhere, anytime.

Do I still need an onsite server?

You don’t need a server at your store to run your software.  Smartwerks is an application service provider.  We operate the servers at our office, and provide you with access to your programs.  All you need is a secure internet connection.  As a result of this technology, you won’t have to worry about backups and service contracts

Can Smartwerks Point of Sale help me improve my business?

That depends.  Smartwerks is a tool-set that is designed to provide you timely and accurate information about the crucial elements of your business.  However, like any tool, you have to use it to achieve the desired results.  With your commitment, Smartwerks will be one the best investments you have made in your business.

How is Smartwerks Point of Sale different from other software companies?

Like most software companies, Smartwerks offers programs to help you track and control certain functions in your business.  Keep in mind however, that Smartwerks is a complete package, including accounting, and is backed by a company with over 30 years of experience in providing automated solutions to small and medium-sized companies.



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