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Build stronger relationships.
Two way text messaging, QR Codes and Keywords
are simple to use. Now, you can engage on a
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Text messaging gives you more opportunities to connect with your customers and improve customer service. Two way texting answers questions and solves problems quickly. Send appointment reminders or personalize order status and purchase pick-up alerts.

Text Alerts

Text Message

Today 3:05 PM

Summer Sale still going strong at Sammy’s Sleep Shop. Enjoy 30%-50% OFF select furniture and sleep items! Show this text for an additional 5% OFF.

Text Message

Today 2:01 PM

Visit Bert’s Brew and receive a free 12oz. pour of our brand new Double IPA, ‘Aperture.’ Must show text. Hurry, offer expires 04/21/20.

Text Message

Today 9:31 AM

You have an in-home consultation scheduled with Sammy’s Sleep Shop tomorrow (9/13) at 2:30PM. Text 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, or 3 to reschedule.

Text Message

Today 3:345 PM

Just a friendly reminder from Western Furniture about your 3:30 PM appointment with our design team. Text 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, or 3 to reschedule.

Appointment Reminders

After the Sale

Text Message

Today 12:05 PM

Hi from Sammy’s. We hope you like your new items. If you ever have a problem or need assistance with your product(s), text SUPPORT to 727-491-8425.

Text Message

Today 4:30 PM

Doyle’s Patio hopes you love your new outdoor furniture. Please contact our support team at 1-888-010-9999 if you have a problem or any questions about care and maintenance.

Text Message

Today 12:27 PM

Thanks for choosing the Furniture Place. How has your in-store experience been so far? Feel free to reply back with a 1-5 (5 being excellent). We appreciate your feeback.

Text Message

Today 12:27 PM

Thanks for visiting Sammy’s. If you have a minute, please leave a review your experience. Reply 1 for a Google Review or 2 for a Facebook Review.

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Our entire customer engagement suite of services comes
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QR Code Campaigns

These funny looking squares are more popular than ever. Smartphones now have the ability to scan QR Codes through their camera app, no longer needing a separate app to open them.

Here’s How It Works

Making your own QR Code in SmartConnect takes just seconds. To start, determine what you want the QR Code to do when it is scanned. Should it compose a text, open a website, write an email, logon to WiFi? Then enter the appropriate information and click Generate.

Create a Campaign in Seconds

Generate a QR Code

SmartConnect Tutorial Screen for QR Codes

Like This One.
Scan Me!

Every person that scans the code can be sent to a landing page on your website and receive a range of auto-responses. Have them “opt-in” to receive future messages. That’s it! Smartwerks does the rest.

So easy to do and effective that your list will build itself!

Get QR Codes Today!

Grow your customer base.

Whether or not you agree with the idea that “the customer is always right,” strong customer relationships are key to your company’s success. With Smartwerks, you’ll have tools you need to provide a more personalized experience and reward your repeat customers for shopping in your store.

customer loyalty app

Better Service Every Time

Customers want to know that if they keep returning to your store and spending money, you’ll appreciate their loyalty. And they want to know that if they have a bad experience, you’ll care enough to resolve it for them in a reasonable amount of time. Smartwerks simple POS provides the tools that allow you relate to a customer on a personal level.

Invaluable insights.

Smartwerks helps you get to know the most important things about your customers– the things that will improve their buying experience. All when it’s convenient for you. See who your best customers are and what they like to buy.

Call them by name.

People appreciate it when you address them by name. When entering a sale, the customer’s name displays prominently at the top of screen. A simple, “How’s your day going, Dean?” can work wonders in creating a more personalized experience.

Special offers on special days.

Keep track of important dates in your customers’ lives–like their birthday. Send them an email saying, “Happy Birthday! We’d like like to offer 25% off your favorite item.” Or send them information on an exciting new product that you think they’ll like.

Super-fast checkout.

Nothing improves the customer experience more than an efficient checkout process. No one wants to wait in long lines or for a slow cash register. With Smartwerks Point of Sale, you’ll process sales faster, and more accurately, than you ever have before.

The Rewards Program

With Smartwerks Rewards, you’ll bring in new customers while keeping the ones you have. Customer rewards are earned in two ways: through everyday purchases at your store and through referrals of friends and family.

Loyalty appreciated.

Rewarding a customer’s loyalty to your store is a smart and effective business strategy. As part of rewards, each time a customer buys item(s) exceeding a certain amount, they earn discount dollars toward future purchases. The more they spend, the more they earn.

customer loyalty app

customer loyalty app

Refer and earn.

With Referral, customers earn discounts for future purchases by sending their friends and family to your store. By providing an incentive for your loyal customers to promote your business, you get more customers, they get lower-priced merchandise, and a great partnership begins.

Here’s more on how Rewards works.

See it in action.

In this video, discover how Smartwerks helps you:

  • Process sales faster and more accurately.

  • Bring in new customers and keep the ones you have.

  • Manage your employees better.

  • Spend money on the right products.

  • Use powerful analytics to make smarter decisions.

“I decided to go with Smartwerks software, and it has proven to be a great decision. It is easy to train new employees, and I love the way it keeps track of my inventory. The staff is very helpful and accommodating.”

Kim, Kim’s Fine Jewelry, Summerville, SC


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