Customer History

Customer History

smartwerks’ Customer History Master File offers a complete overview of your customer information, including website, e-mail address and fields for three telephone numbers.

Customer History Master File

Google maps and directions are automatically generated from the Customer History screen. You’ll know how valuable a customer is to your store – the date they became a customer and their sales to date are prominently displayed.

Individual contacts in CH can be listed under a specific customer to enable you to reach the appropriate person.

customer history POS Screen 1

Assign Price Level

A price level can be assigned to each customer. If a customer will not be taxed, simply uncheck the taxable box and enter the Tax Exempt Code.

customer history POS Screen 2

Company Info

Smartwerks, Inc.

4625 E. Bay Drive. Suite 201
Clearwater, Florida 33764

Tel.: (888)-882-1530 ext. 107
Fax.: (727)-532-6179