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Competition in retail gets tougher every year. Changes in technology and how people communicate have made it even more difficult for small businesses to be seen or heard. That’s why it’s so important for you to look at new ways of attracting more attention, while strengthening the relationships with the customers you already have.

To Attract and Retain

Traditional marketing, such as buying ads in newspapers and on television, has become obsolete. It’s less productive today than it was in the past. Inbound marketing has replaced it with low-cost tools that create a two-way relationship with customers: connecting more with customers, not just trying to connect with more customers.

Pay-per click advertising is one of the best inbound marketing tool available, but it can get expensive if not constantly monitored. Plus, if you don’t have a strong online presence, it may mean fewer sales or result in negative impressions. The following eight marketing activities will show you how to strength your online presence and convert more sales while attracting more attention.

1. Strengthen Your Website

Today’s retail websites need to reflect how people use the internet. Consumers use their phones more than computers, so your website has to optimized for mobile users. It also needs to be more interactive, whether it’s adding a chat bot or presenting surveys to deepen the customer experience. The goal is to engage more through relevant content.

2. Word-Of-Mouth

Start a word-of-mouth campaign with your customers. Their recommendations can bring in more prospects with higher conversion rates. Simply reminding them to tell their friends about your business is a start. Another great way to start this type of campaign is to reward loyal customers through referrals and hand out coupons for them to pass on to first-time customers.

3. Social Media: Create Original Content

Customers will scroll past your product posts in social media if they don’t generate any interest. What will grab their attention is a good story. Video is one of the best ways to do this. You can also write helpful tips in a blog post and other things that your audience may find interesting. Remember that you’re the expert in your niche, so they look to you for answers.

4. Social Media: Share Other’s Stories

When you share other posts on social media, you are opening your network by introducing yourself to more people. Make sure that the posts you do share reflect your brand and how you want to be seen. This means knowing the history and authenticity of those posts.

5. Free Stuff, Discounts and Deals

There is a lot of power in the word “Free.” And offering deals on future purchases will keep them coming back, especially if they had a great experience. In order to be cost-conscious, place a limit on freebies and reduce the amount of time customers can redeem discounts.

6. Get to Know Your Customers Better

Take the time to survey your customers about their experience in your store or online. You can ask repeat customers questions about customer service and product offerings. Loyal customers will share personal information that will help you understand their demographics. This will help your marketing to become more targeted.

7. Promotional Events and Contests

One surefire way to bring more people into your store is through a major promotional event. You can host industry experts or local celebrities. Just remember to promote this on social media and make it a “live” event for those who can’t be there in person. Contests are also great for capturing the attention of first-time shoppers and gathering their personal information for future promotions.

8. Popular Local Directories

Long gone are the days of the Yellow Pages. Today, retailers can be found on Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and Bing Places. There are also travel sites, such as Tripadvisor, that provide locations, hours, and reviews for their visitors. Make sure your listings have the most up-to-date information so people can find you.

Be Unique!

You may not be able to use all of these, but the few that you can use should be tailored to fit the culture and vibe of your business. You should try to think of new and unique ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Best of all, you don’t need a big budget to do it.

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