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Point of sale (POS) solutions for specialty retailers have rapidly changed to meet the demands of new technology and consumer purchasing habits. If you haven’t changed your system in the past five years, then you’re missing out on all the benefits these advances can offer and probably experiencing some the problems an older POS can cause.

POS Warning Signs

Older point of sale systems don’t have the functionality and ease of use like today’s. This can also be true for a relatively newer system if it no longer fits your business’ needs.

There are warning signs that you should notice when your POS is not only losing you money — it’s losing your customers. Here are 13 warning signs that your POS needs to be better.

1. Slow Transactions

Consumers don’t like to spend a lot of time waiting at the checkout. And, if they’re in a hurry, they will avoid stores that they know take a long time. You may know this already, because you’ve done it, too.

2. Too Complicated

New employees are the best way to see how complicated your system is to learn. Another indicator is when your veteran employees use workarounds to deal with the quirkiness of the system. It should be intuitive enough for everyone.

3. Malfunctions

Failures in the system cost you time and money. Errors that occur during any purchase can become a nightmare, especially if not caught right away.

4. Customers

Your POS should meet your customers’ expectations for speed and ease of service. They deserve the best experience and have come to expect it.

5. Loyalty

It’s finally possible to cater to your loyal customers. Rewards and digital marketing can be linked to your POS data. These are some of the most effective tools in creating loyalty with your brand.

6. Growth

Need to open another store, but you’re POS won’t grow with you? Definitely time for a switch.

7. Mobile

Transactions no longer need a sales counter because most large purchases are made with a credit card. Your entire POS can reside on a mobile tablet, allowing you to process transactions in the showroom.

8. Integrated

Inventory management has to be part of your POS. If it’s a separate system, then you’re leaving yourself open to human error and mistakes when transferring data.

9. Payments

Updating your system to one that supports chip readers will protect yourself from credit card fraud and other liabilities.

10. Hard Drive

Does your POS store data on a single hard drive? If it does, you’re leaving yourself open to catastrophic problems. A cloud-based system prevents data loss through redundancy and ease of access.

11. Expensive

Obsolete POS systems require expensive maintenance on outdated hardware and software. Today’s POS systems, like Smartwerks, are more affordable than ever before.

12. Security

Leaving yourself open to possible fraud can create more headaches for you and your customers. New POS systems have the latest technology securing your data from theft.

13. Support

Is your POS no longer supported by the software company? Many legacy systems are just too expense for companies to continue supporting. Instead of upgrading, take a good look around at the competition and see what fits your business in the best possible way.

Innovative Technology

Modern POS technology has become an innovative partner with the businesses they serve. It provides customers with the best experience possible and makes running your business easier. Best of all, switching to a new POS is easier than you think. Once you’ve made the commitment to a better system, you’ll quickly see the rewards through overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

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