APRIL 3, 2019

Smartwerks®, a cloud-based point of sale software located in Clearwater, Florida, recently launched SmartConnect, a customer engagement software, to help retailers and restaurants increase customer retention and loyalty. Competition in the retail and restaurant markets has become fierce. Small businesses need loyal customers to compete against big box stores and online marketplaces because repeat customers spend 3 times more than new ones 1.

It’s hard for small businesses to build customer loyalty without a rewards program and other tools that help them stay in touch with their customers. But they need one now more than ever because consumers prefer companies with a rewards program in place 2.

In the past, these programs were expensive to implement, time consuming to manage, and hiring an employee to run it all was not cost-effective. However, leaps in technology and understanding consumer behavior has changed all of that.

“Small businesses can focus more on offering value to their customers as much as they focus on their products,” said Patrick Kunish, Director of Sales for Smartwerks. “A customer engagement system like SmartConnect delivers that value and will separate them from their competition.”

SmartConnect is more than a loyalty program. It’s a system that helps businesses easily collect customer information using mobile keywords and WiFi marketing. These are perfect for retailers and restaurants with long in-store wait times. It also makes it easy for companies to consistently communicate with customers via automated texts and emails. Customer feedback is encouraged with a ratings and survey platform.

“The return on investment is pretty amazing,” said Kunish. “This solution brings small retailers ahead of the curve. SmartConnect gives them the leverage they need to grow the most important segment of their customer base while becoming more attractive to new customers.”

Smartwerks continues to innovate beyond point of sale. Through SmartConnect, their customers can see the value they bring as a valuable partner in the success of their business.

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About Smartwerks

Clearwater, Florida based Smartwerks and sister company TylerNet have provided best-in-class point of sale solutions for over 30 years. In the highly competitive point of sale market, Smartwerks sets itself apart through providing a cost-effective software for sales processing, inventory management and centralized accounting of financial data. The recent addition SmartConnect, powered by FanConnect® provides retailers with the best customer engagement system available. Smartwerks provides retailers with an all-in-one solution that’s backed by personalized support, making them a leader in the point of sale industry.


Patrick Kunish, Director of Sales
1-888-882-1530 x107
4625 East Bay Drive Suite 201
Clearwater, FL

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